2 years and 30,000 maps

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2 years and 30,000 maps

Friday, Apr 20 2007 by nic
I missed it! Last Tuesday was VGT's 2nd anniversary. On April 10, 2005 I posted the first map to VGT, which is technically map #2 in the database because the first one I submitted was a test submission :

Philadelphia Stadiums
The site was called Google GlobeTrotting back then, too.

Today, two years and 30,000 maps later, we received the 30,000th approved map, posted by milwhcky:

Bowling pin shaped pool
I just wanted to give a big thanks to everyone out there who's visited, everyone who's submitted, everyone who's commented or contributed in any way. This site is all for, and because of, you. You guys and gals rock!

My question to all of you: What is your #1 favorite map of all time?.

I know that's a hard question, one that I had to think a lot about to answer. It's my submission of the Boneyard in AZ, one of the first maps I submitted. The image doesn't look like a lot, but I can remember spending hours scouring all parts of the boneyard for cool planes:

Boneyard, The
What's your favorite map of all time?