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Focus Friday - Notable Fountains

Friday, Apr 2 2010 by kjfitz
Tallest Fountains in the World

Notable Fountains in the US

Rear Admiral Samuel Francis Dupont Memorial Fountain, in Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C (1921), by the architect and sculptor of the Lincoln Memorial.

Dupont Circle
Buckingham Fountain, in Grant Park, Chicago, can shoot water 150 feet (46 meters) into the air. (1927)

Buckingham Fountain
The Unisphere, the centerpiece of the New York World's Fair (1964)

The Vaillancourt Fountain, San Francisco, by French-Canadian artist Armand Vaillancourt, is officially called Quebec Libre!(1971)

Fort Worth Water Gardens, Fort Worth, Texas, by Philip Johnson and John Burgee (1974)

Ft. Worth Convention Center and Water Gardens
The Civil Rights Memorial Fountain (1989). A thin film of water flows slowly over the stone, and visitors are invited to touch the names.

Civil Rights Memorial
Fountain of the Rings in Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta (1996)

Centennial Olympic Park and fountains
The Musical Fountain of the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, with pivoting nozzles to vary the patterns of the water, controlled by computers and accompanied by music (1998).

Bellagio Fountains