Focus Friday - Rescue!!

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Focus Friday - Rescue!!

Friday, Mar 12 2010 by kjfitz
Back in 2007 after Microsoft release Bird's Eye View imagery of areas in northern Italy member Effi posted a shot of a helicopter in flight which was followed shortly with a second view by moderator TexasAndroid. The two posts sparked an interesting bit of sleuthing.

What evolved was a dramatic rescue by the Italian Coast Guard of a diver involving multiple boats and a helicopter extraction. Follow along...

On the first pass by the BEV airplane the Italian Coast Guard has already arrived and two people in a skiff can be seen nearby (the rescue). The skiff then races to shore with the men. Once ashore a helicopter arrives and hovers over the shore. Meanwhile only a few hundred meters away (and in the same image) two speedboats also rush to the scene. Finally the helicopter flies off towards safety just as the speedboats arrive.

A great collaborative effort!

(Special thanks to Pdunn for assembling the time-line.)