Introducing "Photo Safari"

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Introducing "Photo Safari"

Wednesday, May 11 2011 by kjfitz
Welcome to the first Weekly Photo Safari. This is a new feature that we're trying out at VGT. Think of it as a limited scavenger hunt that is focused on a single topic. Post as many as you want. The rules will be loose.

The idea is to have fun and see how many cool posts we can come up with.

The weekly post will go up with the new topic at midnight on Wednesdays. I'll include a bunch of examples in the post. The Safari will run through midnight on the following Tuesday (i.e. six days... and on the seventh day he did rest) I'll follow up with a summary post on each Wednesday (hopefully) with the winners and a selection of our favorite posts from the week.

We'll see how it goes for a few weeks and then decide if this is something we want to keep doing on a longer term.

So for our first topic we'll be doing Celebrity Head-Shots.

I'm looking for clear photos of celebrities identifiable by name. Use the Art - Advertising, Signs, Billboards and Writing category for your posts in order for me to find them when I go to count up the results. See the examples for acceptable thumbnails.

Have fun!