Photo Safari #103 - Celebrity Headshots (Part 4)

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Photo Safari #103 - Celebrity Headshots (Part 4)

Sunday, Jul 7 2013 by kjfitz
This has always been a popular safari. We've done it three times before.

HINT: With all the imagery in bars, museums, music stores, and book stores, this one should be super easy this time around.

I'm looking for clear photos, paintings, murals, ads or other images of celebrities identifiable by name. Please include the first sentence of their wikipedia page (the one including their birth date) if they have one. Include a More Info link because not everyone is going to know your celebrity.

Use the Street View - Art - Portraits and Street View - Safari Submission category for your posts. The safari will end at 0700 UTC on Wednesday, July 17. Since this one started I'll let it run a few extra days.

Good luck and happy hunting!