Photo Safari #21 - Historical Markers

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Photo Safari #21 - Historical Markers

Thursday, Sep 29 2011 by kjfitz
A few of you have expressed the desire to have more contests that require a little hunting and research. This should suit you well. I'm really excited about this one. It is a bit of a change from previous weeks so it will require a bit more explanation.

A historical marker or historic marker is an indicator such as a plaque or sign to commemorate an event or person of historic interest and to associate that point of interest with a specific locale one can visit.

If you google a state name and "historical marker" (e.g. Florida historical markers) you'll almost always be directed to a state owned page with a database of historical markers. Some states even include geo coordinates of the marker. Most databases at least have an address for each marker. The UK has another series of markers (blue plaques) and related databases.

Your challenge is to post as many markers as possible.

1) Be sure to include a more info link
2) Be sure to fill in the description and try to include dates where possible
3) The title should be descriptive of the event or place being marked, not just a reference to the marker itself.
e.g "Site of the Jelly Bean Massacre" (not just "Historical Marker" or "Jelly Bean Massacre Marker")

Post your findings to both its appropriate normal category AND Street View - Events - Historical for credit.

Here are a few examples:


Good luck and happy hunting!