Photo Safari #27 - Statues of Famous People

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Photo Safari #27 - Statues of Famous People

Thursday, Nov 10 2011 by kjfitz
This week has the flavor of a previous safari but with its own twist. We'll be looking for statues of identifiable people; real and imaginary. Make every effort to put their name in the title and if they lived, their birth date and (if applicable) their date of death in the description along with a More Info link. Wikipedia usually has them in the first paragraph of web pages about individuals. I'm not looking for sculptures of anonymous people.

The more obscure the better. Fictional is even better yet! Kudos for very obscure individuals so scour the more remote areas of SV like South Africa, Eastern Europe, and dare I suggest... Brazil.

Next week we'll move on to an entirely new subject!

Post your finds to Street View - Art - Sculptures for credit.

Good luck and happy hunting!