Photo Safari #29 - Results

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Photo Safari #29 - Results

Wednesday, Nov 30 2011 by kjfitz
That was a fun safari. I enjoyed the many high quality posts and obscure types of museums. The number of posts was among the highest for our safaris and there were twelve participants. We're growing! Matheus_ held a strong lead from the start. At times he was as many as 100 posts ahead of second place. Man, I remember when we didn't get 100 posts for the whole contest. An uncontested second place goes adrbr and kkeps brought up third with Dania and kaiken following close behind. Great job everyone! (I think you can expect a re-visit of this topic in the future.)

The final results are:

372 maps submitted.

Matheus_ - 163 points
adrbr - 64 points
kkeps - 39 points
Dania - 34 points
kaiken - 27 points
WacoKidd110 - 13 points
daggerwell - 10 points
LancelotLink - 9 points
kuressaare - 7 points
giove - 4 points
pmoore66 - 1 points
skyeye - 1 points

Here are a few of my favorites:

Tune back in at midnight to toast another great safari!