Photo Safari #3 - Monuments

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Photo Safari #3 - Monuments

Thursday, May 26 2011 by kjfitz
The posters did so well with the last Safari we'll go ahead and do another. This week we'll do monuments celebrating people, things and events. The more obscure the better. I love those little lost out-of-the-way monuments marking some obscure happening long ago. But.. the big civic monstrosities are welcome as well. Since we're playing loose with the rules I'll accept markers and plaques as well. Extra Karma points if you can include a date for whatever is being celebrated by the monument or plaque or marker. That way it has a better chance of making it into the Today in History blog posts too.

For Street View monuments put them in both "Buildings - Novelty / Interesting" and the non SV category "Buildings - Monuments." That way we can count them all in the later when it comes time to calculate the results.

The Safari will run through next Tuesday at midnight.

Happy Hunting and have fun!