Photo Safari #32 - Results

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Photo Safari #32 - Results

Wednesday, Dec 21 2011 by kjfitz
Well Matheus_ has now become the juggernaut to beat. In this safari he posted as many submissions as all of the rest of the competitors combined. Very well done! adrbr came from last in one of his signature floods to take second just barely ahead of kkeps. While the number of posts were down for this safari the quality was very high. Good job folks!

The final results:

221 maps submitted.

Matheus_ - 134 points
adrbr - 31 points
kkeps - 28 points
Dania - 12 points
daggerwell - 7 points
WacoKidd110 - 7 points
mlc1us - 2 points

Here are some of my favorite posts:

Picture this... another safari starts at midnight!