Photo Safari #38 - Results

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Photo Safari #38 - Results

Wednesday, Feb 1 2012 by kjfitz

We had very lop-sided results this week. Matheus_ moved into a commanding lead in the first day and held it throughout the contest. You people will have to try a lot harder if you plan to unseat this juggernaut. WacoKidd110 secured second with a last day burst. Finally we welcome Mieguy into third and his first time in the top three and his first safari. Well done. We also welcome FrankB to the safari. Hope to see the new folks in future safaris too.

Final Standings:
154 maps submitted.

Matheus_ - 123 points
WacoKidd110 - 16 points
Mieguy - 10 points
FrankB - 2 points
adrbr - 1 points
daggerwell - 1 points
Welshunter - 1 points

Tune back in at midnight to see who will tower over whom in the next safari!