Photo Safari #39 - Water Tower Art

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Photo Safari #39 - Water Tower Art

Thursday, Feb 2 2012 by kjfitz
Welcome to the 39th Photo Safari. This week you'll be hunting down water towers. By themselves that would be a bit too easy so they'll need to have something painted on them... a name, a picture, a design... anything to distinguish them from plain, unadorned towers. Karma for interesting murals and super karma for novelty towers made up to look like something other than a water tower.

Post your finds to both Street View - Safari Submissions and Street View - Buildings - Misc for credit. Yeah! No More Info links are required this week!! I figure you'd like that rule.

Will anyone step up to the challenge of unseating Matheus_' recent domination of the safari? Game on!

Good luck and happy hunting?

Here are a few examples: