Photo Safari #51 - The Beach

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Photo Safari #51 - The Beach

Thursday, Apr 26 2012 by kjfitz
We're going to the beach! This week you've got fun in the sun as you gather stuff from the beach. Surfboards, beachwear, beach themed dining, beach themed retail, beach themed entertainment, beach themed hotels, tiki culture (big karma in fact for tiki culture!), schlocky breach amusement parks, ski ball arcades, salt water taffy, nautical decorations. I'm not looking for boats, sunbathers, girls in bikinis, or generic dining and retail at the beach. I'm looking for that which you might associate with a fun trip to a beach town like Daytona or Acapulco. If you do beach retail make sure there are examples (not pictures) of what they sell visible, I want the stuff not the store.

I'll be a little loose with the rules on this one but if I see one person posting too many of one item in vast quantities (e.g. a bzillion beach t-shirt shops one after another) then I reserve the right to close off a topic/subject/category at any time. It will seem arbitrary at the time but it is meant to keep the variety and quality up. So have patience and please stay with the spirit of the fun and don't post poor quality stuff just to win.

Post your beach treasure to Street View - Safari Submissions and another appropriate category. The contest will end at 0700 Wednesday, May 2, 2012.

Good luck and Happy Hunting!

Here are a few examples: