Photo Safari #59 - Test Facilities (Old School)

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Photo Safari #59 - Test Facilities (Old School)

Thursday, Jun 21 2012 by kjfitz
This week for the first time we'll be returning to VGT's roots. Google Maps, Bird's Eye View and Bing. Your mission is to hunt out scientific test facilities. I'm looking for "stuff." You know, test equipment, towers infrastructure. An antenna by itself won't count. I'm not looking for bombing ranges or targets or generic office park buildings. I want to see interesting infrastructure. There is a lot of it out there too.

Any of the mapping services is fine... SV, GM, BEV, Bing, YM. Posting the same site in SV and GM as two individual posts is fine. Post your finds to Street View - Safari Submission and Buildings - Scientific - Test Facility and include a More Info link (not waymarking or another mapping site) for credit. The safari ends at 0700 UTC on June 27.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Here are a few examples: