Photo Safari #77 - Results

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Photo Safari #77 - Results

Thursday, Dec 6 2012 by kjfitz
This one wins the lopsided victory award. Dania dominated from the start, setting such a lead others were possibly discouraged from chasing? Dania also hit the jackpot with some major Christmas stores. Good job, Dania on your first First Place Finish. Mike1989 came in a distant second with adrbr and daggerwell close behind in a tie for third.

The final results are:

58 maps submitted.

Dania - 49 points
Mike1989 - 4 points
adrbr - 2 points
daggerwell - 2 points
WacoKidd110 - 1 points

Here are a few of my favorites:

Safari #78 will start in a few minutes!