Photo Safari #80 - Museum - Part 2

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Photo Safari #80 - Museum - Part 2

Thursday, Dec 20 2012 by kjfitz
Way back in the early days of the safari we did museums. Let's do another! There were 372 posts last time. Can y'all beat that this time?

History, science, art, what have you. Let's find as many museums as possible. Karma for the odd and obscure. Karma for outside exhibits related to the museum. Mega-karma for new space, science or technology museums with outside exhibits.

Post your finds to Street View - Safari Submission and Street View - Buildings - Museums. Please include a More Info link. The Safari will end at 0700 UTC December 26.

NOTE: Please don't post birth places, castles, historic homes, etc. that are more important for their location or building rather than the collection or exhibits.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Here are a few examples: