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Scavenger Hunt Results

Wednesday, Jan 8 2014 by kjfitz
That was fun. I like these big scavenger hunts. I also like the way some of you creatively fulfill some of the categories. Way to go.

Submissions were pretty steady throughout this hunt. There was a bit of an uptick towards the end. Mike1989 maintained a safe but not too distant first through most of the hunt. Rene73 and kkeps were safely in second and third. We had twelve participants including a couple new people. Welcome to the hunt!I n all we had 614 submissions.

The final standings are:

Mike1989 - 307 points
Rene73 - 269 points
kkeps - 248 points
daggerwell - 223 points
WacoKidd110 - 195 points
pmoore66 - 127 points
adrbr - 73 points
Fab - 33 points
jebf - 27 points
Touringfmhome - 27 points
SpiderX22 - 17 points
kiddzimahater - 11 points

Thank you to everyone who played.

Here are a few of my favorites:

(unknown map #182823)
(unknown map #183290)
(unknown map #183346)