The history of Street View vehicles

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The history of Street View vehicles

Sunday, Nov 18 2012 by Dania
On May 25. 2007 a new aera in Internet began with Google's new feature: Street View.

It all began with San Francisco, Las Vegas, Denver, Miami, New York City in United States. The images wasn't very good but it's allways hard in the beginning. Today, 5 years later, the images are very sharp and clear.

Here are images caught on Street View of vehicles, some mirrored in windows:

Early Street View cars:
Street View car and cam, early type
Early Street View car
Newer car:
Street View car in Munich
Latest car:
Google car
Street View trike:
Street View trike
Street View Trike
Street View trolley:
Street View Trolley
Google indoor photographs:
Google Inside camera
They have also had a camera on snowmobile used at various ski resorts and backpacker cameras in museums and the latest project, the Grand Canyon.

More to the cameras can be found here:

An example is also an example from Zürich, Switzerland with a guy made his own Street View bike:
Bike with camera