This Week's Birthdays - Week of April 1

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This Week's Birthdays - Week of April 1

Tuesday, Apr 2 2013 by kjfitz
April 1, 1921 - Tsop Ekaf, Albanian American inventor.

Tsop Ekaf's House
April 2, 1939 - Marvin Gaye, born Marvin Pentz Gay, Jr., was an American singer-songwriter and musician whose career spanned more than two decades.

Marvin Gaye
April 3, 1961 - Edward Regan "Eddie" Murphy, is an American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, singer, director, and musician.

Eddie Murphy
April 4, 1979 - Heath Ledger, was an Australian actor and director.

Heath Ledger
April 5, 1883 - Walter Thomas Huston was a Canadian-born American actor. He was the father of actor and director John Huston and the grandfather of actress Anjelica Huston and actor Danny Huston.

Walter Huston
April 6, 1928 - James Dewey Watson is an American molecular biologist, geneticist, and zoologist, best known as a co-discoverer of the structure of DNA in 1953 with Francis Crick.

James Dewey Watson
April 7, 1915 - Billie Holiday was an American jazz singer and songwriter.

Billie Holiday