Unplanned scavenger hunt from Google

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Unplanned scavenger hunt from Google

Thursday, Jul 26 2007 by kjfitz
Google updated their imagery (both Google Maps and Google Earth). Instead of listing the new coverage they've released a set of hints:

* Two states known for their majestic peaks have gotten an upgrade.
* I can now see where my favorite maple syrup is made.
* Certain Florida beaches (and 1 mountain) are looking much improved.
* Try counting the warthogs in the Boneyard.
* Peek inside the home of the Brew Crew.
* You can read the Skin's logo painted on their field.
* An historic state capitol building is now in high res.
* This city was named after the Native American name of a nearby mountain, "Tacobet."
* A "far away" city that played a key role in trans-Saharan trade can now be seen close up.
* The town where Jane Austen spent her final years is much clearer.
* The topic of Vincent van Gogh's Cafe Terrace at Night is now bright as day.
* Take a look at "la ville noir," where Cointreau was invented.
* Only a third of this country's land is arable, but you can now view the entire country in high res.
* From 1880 to 1884 this German city was home to the world's tallest building.
* Rockets may be used to disrupt rain clouds over this city next summer.
* This country received an impressive terrain update, you might call it Lord of the Terrain.

Details at the Google Lat Long Blog.