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Archeological ruins on Tinetto Islet
Great Sphinx of Giza
Pyramids of Giza
Romans ruins discovered with Google Earth
Forum Romanum
Coliseum Rome
Julius Caesar's Murder Site
Stone circles of Göbekli Tepe
Ziggurat of Ur
Machu Picchu
Battle of Cannae ( 216 BC ) archeological site
Bosnian Pyramid? (Visocica Hill)
Nazca Lines
Via Appia Antica
King Tut & the Valley of the Kings
Tirupati Temple
Ahu Akivi - Easter Island Statues
House of Abraham
Rameshwaram Temple
Spinalonga Island (former leper colony)
Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza
Moai alignment in Easter Island
Battle of Jacob's Ford
Ancient city of Carthage
Maya pyramid
Prehistoric Caverns
Vieux-Moulin alignement
Los Pyramides de Teotihuacán
Pompeii - House Of The Faun
Ruins of the ancient city of Uruk
Atacama giant
Tarragona Aqueduct
Great Serpent Mound
Angkor Wat
Theatre of Dionysus
Skopskiot Akvadukt (Skopje Aqueduct)
Circus Maximus
Inside the Roman Coliseum
Bent pyramid of Sneferu
Qala i Jangi fortress
Amphitheatre at Carthage
Roman ruins of Sabratha in Libya
Stepped Pyramid of Djoser
Ancient Roman City of Leptis Magna
Chand Baori
Forum of Pompeii
Kuyunjik, the palace mound of Nineveh
Citadel of Amman
Amphitheatre of Durres
Chidambaram Temple
Petra "The Treasury"
Amphitheatre of Bordeaux
Armageddon-Megiddo archaeological site
Amphitheatre of Puteoli
King Herod's Tomb
Walls of ancient Nineveh
Remains of Roman Theatre
Aleppo citadel
Amphitheatre of Leptis Magna
Newgrange - oldest surviving building in the world
Temple of Zeus the Olympian
Pyramids at the Royal Cemetery of El-Kurru
Diocletian's Palace
Abu simbel
Entrance to Hell
San el-Hagar
Roman Pantheon
Ancient Ebla
Roman Temple Ruins
Hersonissos Harbour
Villa Adriana
Visoko valley
Maya ruins of Tazumal
Site of The Colossus of Rhodes
Baths of Caracalla
Temple of Minerva Medica
Ponte Milvio
Pyramids at the Royal Cemetery of Jebel Barkal
Aztec Ruins National Monument
Former site of the Gemonian stairs
Palatine Hill
Giant Moat around the old Chiang Mai
Ancient Fort
Bhaktapur, Nepal
Amphitheatre of Cordoba recently re-discovered