Famous Architectural Buildings (List)

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Zac Efron's House (former)Los Angeles, CA, US2008-09-27 20:47:10pmoore667.88 (24 votes)27,857
'Hope House' by John LautnerPalm Springs, CA, US2005-05-20 13:41:07wil90007.93 (27 votes)17,579
'Segel House' by John LautnerMalibu, CA, US2006-05-01 18:21:57tlp3338.52 (25 votes)15,966
'Smith House' by Richard MeierDarien, CT, US2008-09-19 15:48:40pmoore668.14 (7 votes)14,698
'Saltzman House' by Richard MeierEast Hampton, NY, US2008-08-17 23:30:42pmoore667.15 (13 votes)11,237
'Jai House' by Lorcan O'HerlihyCalabasas, CA, US2010-09-19 08:54:19pmoore6610.00 (2 votes)8,195
Arie Belldegrun's houseLos Angeles, CA, US2008-08-17 08:07:31neotrix6.55 (11 votes)8,176
Barbi Benton's HouseAspen, CO, US2008-10-14 21:43:18tlp33310.00 (4 votes)6,677
'Skilken House' by Bart PrinceWesterville, OH, US2008-04-06 15:53:23pmoore6610.00 (4 votes)6,216
'Crawford House' by MorphosisSanta Barbara, CA, US2008-01-24 21:53:40pmoore667.43 (7 votes)6,207
'Ennis-Brown House' by Frank Lloyd WrightLos Angeles, CA, US2006-10-07 16:11:14Parabellum10.00 (4 votes)5,788
'Casa Marbrisa' by John LautnerAcapulco, MX2010-07-08 16:50:28pmoore668.32 (25 votes)5,532
'Prince House' by Bart PrinceAlbuquerque, NM, US2008-04-06 15:06:05pmoore665.75 (4 votes)5,431
'Milam House' by Paul RudolphPonte Vedra Beach, FL, US2008-11-26 06:59:47pmoore667.50 (2 votes)5,321
'Harmony' by Wallace CunninghamRancho Santa Fe, CA, US2007-07-29 22:31:35jbottero8.62 (21 votes)4,945
'The Palm Beach House' by Richard MeierPalm Beach, FL, US2009-07-07 12:50:17pmoore6610.00 (3 votes)4,937
'Sheats-Goldstein House' by John LautnerBeverly Hills, CA, US2008-01-23 13:20:42pmoore668.60 (30 votes)4,843
'Gwathmey House' by Charles GwathmeyAmagansett, NY, US2008-08-17 21:26:47pmoore666.80 (5 votes)4,783
'Winton Guesthouse' by Frank GehryWayzata, MN, US2008-02-22 12:27:18pmoore667.75 (4 votes)4,742
Lee C. Samson's HouseBeverly Hills, CA, US2012-05-04 22:09:52jdubble078.00 (2 votes)4,625
'Hoffman House' by Richard MeierEast Hampton, NY, US2008-09-19 19:23:51pmoore6610.00 (1 votes)4,603
'Fisher House' by Louis KahnPhiladelphia, PA, US2009-01-19 07:52:55pmoore6610.00 (3 votes)4,513
'Weinstein House' by Richard MeierOld Westbury, NY, US2009-07-07 12:58:14pmoore668.75 (4 votes)4,438
'Sirmai-Peterson Residence' by Frank GehryThousand Oaks, CA, US2008-07-11 14:20:07pmoore6610.00 (3 votes)4,264
2002 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion by Toyo ItoLondon, GB2008-01-24 14:31:26pmoore665.25 (4 votes)4,048
'House II' by Peter EisenmanHardwick, VT, US2009-04-11 08:36:25pmoore6610.00 (1 votes)3,943
Anne Hendricks Bass's HouseFort Worth, TX, US2009-05-30 00:08:24neotrix10.00 (2 votes)3,848
Larry Ellison's house / 'Semel Residence' by Michael GravesMalibu, CA, US2007-12-29 10:54:15neotrix10.00 (1 votes)3,668
"American Horror Story" house (Season 1)Los Angeles, CA, US2011-10-27 16:11:15milwhcky10.00 (1 votes)3,648
'Arch Oboler Residence' by Frank Lloyd WrightMalibu, CA, US2008-02-22 17:22:13pmoore665.50 (6 votes)3,612
Daryoush Jadali's house and previously leased by Justin BieberBeverly Hills, CA, US2010-06-05 14:42:26jdubble0710.00 (1 votes)3,607
'Esherick House' by Louis KahnPhiladelphia, PA, US2009-01-19 07:13:25pmoore6610.00 (1 votes)3,461
'Turtle Creek House' by Antoine PredockHighland Park, TX, US2009-01-22 14:05:10pmoore6610.00 (1 votes)3,431
'House VI' by Peter EisenmanCornwall, CT, US2009-01-29 14:13:32pmoore6610.00 (1 votes)3,324
'David Wright House' by Frank Lloyd WrightPhoenix, AZ, US2009-07-07 10:23:59pmoore6610.00 (2 votes)3,315
'Grotta House' by Richard MeierGreen Village, NJ, US2009-07-07 12:30:51pmoore665.00 (3 votes)3,297
'Elrod House' by John LautnerPalm Springs, CA, US2008-02-19 11:30:30pmoore668.42 (19 votes)3,287
Dummy houses @23/24 Leinster Gardens, Paddington, London W2London, GB2008-09-30 10:53:56bubaonline10.00 (4 votes)3,178
'Bavinger House' by Bruce GoffNorman, OK, US2008-01-26 09:23:26pmoore665.71 (7 votes)3,137
'Morris Greenwald House' by Ludwig Mies van der RoheWeston, CT, US2008-07-14 13:57:55pmoore6610.00 (2 votes)3,134
'The Cooper House' by Harry GesnerMalibu, CA, US2008-04-18 16:02:53pmoore6610.00 (2 votes)3,091
'Sterling Kinney House' by Frank Lloyd WrightAmarillo, TX, US2011-05-05 14:09:27WacoKidd1107.00 (3 votes)3,063
'High Desert House' by Ken KelloggJoshua Tree, CA, US2008-12-04 07:23:30pmoore6610.00 (1 votes)3,062
'Luskin Residence' by Edward NilesLos Angeles, CA, US2007-03-21 07:47:55berli1108.36 (11 votes)3,041
'Geier House' by Philip JohnsonCincinnati, OH, US2010-07-28 12:02:22pmoore6610.00 (1 votes)2,990
Alice Lawrence's House (former) by Rafael ViñolyRidgefield, CT, US2012-01-10 17:22:40Turneasterne8.63 (79 votes)2,977
'Sagheb Residence' by John LautnerMalibu, CA, US2008-02-22 17:16:14pmoore668.47 (19 votes)2,940
'Herbert and Katherine Jacobs Second House' by Frank Lloyd WrightMiddleton, WI, US2009-07-10 14:48:00pmoore6610.00 (3 votes)2,886
'Boissonnas House' by Philip JohnsonNew Canaan, CT, US2009-02-13 07:56:22pmoore6610.00 (2 votes)2,885
'Azuma House' by Tadao AndoOsaka, JP2010-07-09 04:50:53pmoore6610.00 (2 votes)2,881
'Tirranna' by Frank Lloyd WrightNew Canaan, CT, US2009-02-12 06:57:58pmoore665.50 (2 votes)2,869
'Deane Residence' by Paul RudolphGreat Neck, NY, US2009-06-18 08:11:11pmoore669.50 (2 votes)2,781
'Korman House' by Louis KahnFort Washington, PA, US2009-01-19 08:11:54pmoore669.67 (3 votes)2,766
'de Menil Residence' by Gwathmey SiegelAmagansett, NY, US2008-08-17 23:37:15pmoore6610.00 (3 votes)2,760
'Douglas House' by Richard MeierHarbor Springs, MI, US2009-10-24 21:36:34pmoore6610.00 (1 votes)2,747
'Shamberg House' by Richard MeierChappaqua, NY, US2010-10-30 13:43:43pmoore6610.00 (1 votes)2,736
'Phillips Exeter Academy Library' by Louis KahnExeter, NH, US2009-07-28 15:43:09pmoore6610.00 (1 votes)2,736
'Berkowitz-Odgis Residence' by Steven HollChilmark, MA, US2008-07-21 14:10:41pmoore6610.00 (2 votes)2,681
'Dayton House' by Romaldo GiurgolaWayzata, MN, US2010-12-01 08:15:12pmoore6610.00 (1 votes)2,675
'Rosen House' by Craig EllwoodLos Angeles, CA, US2009-02-28 13:06:09pmoore6610.00 (2 votes)2,669
'Openhouse' by XTEN ArchitectureLos Angeles, CA, US2008-12-08 10:28:24tlp333Unrated2,630
'Goetsch-Winckler House' by Frank Lloyd WrightOkemos, MI, US2008-07-11 10:34:46pmoore667.00 (3 votes)2,614
Andrew Hauptman & Ellen Bronfman's HouseLos Angeles, CA, US2012-11-26 11:14:42gordonhigh10.00 (2 votes)2,586
Lee Ritenour's HouseMalibu, CA, US2008-02-20 19:23:03tlp33310.00 (2 votes)2,580
Rock CliffNewport, RI, US2010-10-04 16:37:07jdubble077.50 (2 votes)2,576
'The Razor' by Wallace CunninghamSan Diego, CA, US2009-10-03 11:43:24pmoore6610.00 (3 votes)2,567
Building with no right angles (University of Cincinnati Molecular Science Building) by GehryCincinnati, OH, US2006-03-19 21:42:14kjfitz6.00 (3 votes)2,558
'Schnabel Residence' by Frank GehryLos Angeles, CA, US2008-07-11 15:19:37pmoore6610.00 (1 votes)2,550
'House at Indian Hill' by Michael GravesCincinnati, OH, US2009-04-13 13:17:45pmoore668.67 (3 votes)2,539
'Brant House' by Robert VenturiGreenwich, CT, US2010-08-30 10:46:53pmoore6610.00 (2 votes)2,539
'Maison Guiette' by Le CorbusierAntwerp, BE2009-04-24 14:11:32pmoore6610.00 (1 votes)2,517
'Church of Light' by Tadao AndoIbaraki, JP2010-07-09 05:10:45pmoore6610.00 (1 votes)2,492
'Prairie Chicken House' by Herb GreeneNorman, OK, US2009-01-30 11:52:02pmoore6610.00 (2 votes)2,479
'Koshino House' by Tadao AndoAshiya, JP2012-05-06 07:53:10pmoore6610.00 (1 votes)2,469
'Casa Bianchi' by Mario BottaRiva San Vitale, CH2010-03-07 04:06:32pmoore6610.00 (1 votes)2,462
'Wiley House' by Philip JohnsonNew Canaan, CT, US2010-07-28 09:19:22pmoore6610.00 (1 votes)2,434
'Friesen House' by Richard MeierLos Angeles, CA, US2008-09-19 21:46:34pmoore6610.00 (1 votes)2,414
'Hooper House II' by Marcel BreuerBaltimore, MD, US2008-11-26 06:35:40pmoore6610.00 (1 votes)2,405
'Greenberg House' by Ricardo LegorretaLos Angeles, CA, US2008-07-20 09:22:21pmoore667.25 (4 votes)2,368
'Temple Beth El' by Louis KahnChappaqua, NY, US2010-06-04 15:14:17pmoore6610.00 (1 votes)2,335
'Waldfogel Residence' by Steve EhrlichPalo Alto, CA, US2009-09-10 08:16:27pmoore6610.00 (1 votes)2,303
'Affleck House' by Frank Lloyd WrightBloomfield Hills, MI, US2009-02-13 05:38:32pmoore6610.00 (1 votes)2,267
'Colonial Bank' by Charles DeatonEnglewood, CO, US2008-06-27 12:10:53pmoore6610.00 (1 votes)2,266
'Ehrenkranz Residence' by Richard MeierNorth Salem, NY, US2010-10-30 13:55:31pmoore6610.00 (1 votes)2,245
'Davis House' by Philip JohnsonWayzata, MN, US2008-02-22 12:34:11pmoore669.00 (2 votes)2,237
David Adelipour's houseLos Angeles, CA, US2010-08-28 15:05:59jdubble07Unrated2,207
Michael Bishop's houseDallas, TX, US2010-07-11 14:49:15Champion37.00 (1 votes)2,181
'Schwimmer Residence' by John LautnerBeverly Hills, CA, US2010-07-08 16:15:53pmoore668.58 (19 votes)2,175
'Revolving House' by Richard FosterWilton, CT, US2009-02-02 08:04:21pmoore6610.00 (3 votes)2,161
'Landscape Formation One' by Zaha HadidWeil am Rhein, DE2010-01-10 15:13:32pmoore66Unrated2,130
Vidal Sassoon's HouseLos Angeles, CA, US2007-08-10 10:52:14tlp33310.00 (3 votes)2,105
'Cyclorama Center' by Richard NeutraGettysburg, PA, US2008-12-04 07:44:28pmoore6610.00 (1 votes)2,104
'Danziger Studio' by Frank GehryWest Hollywood, CA, US2006-05-20 16:29:58kjfitz2.00 (5 votes)2,102
'Tempe à Pailla' by Eileen GrayCastellar, FR2011-01-06 14:11:40pmoore6610.00 (1 votes)2,087
'Dogwood House' by Dirk LohanAda, MI, US2008-07-19 06:57:41pmoore668.29 (7 votes)2,072
'Zumikon Residence' by Gwathmey SiegelZumikon, CH2008-02-19 16:20:17pmoore6610.00 (1 votes)2,051
Case Study House Number 1Los Angeles, CA, US2008-12-06 16:56:43Parabellum10.00 (3 votes)2,034
'US Embassy, Athens' by Walter GropiusAthens, GR2008-05-18 10:09:02pmoore6610.00 (1 votes)2,032
'Borman Residence' by Frank GehryMalibu, CA, US2008-07-11 15:27:58pmoore669.00 (2 votes)2,029
'Bracken' by Connell, Ward & LucasWentworth, GB2011-01-02 08:02:36pmoore6610.00 (1 votes)2,000