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Camp Eggers
Landlocked Cruiser - USS Rancocas
Aircraft Junk Yard
"We love aircraft noise"
Knolls Kesselring Site
Russian northern nuclear test site Novaya Zemlya
Main security gate to Area 51
Lake Chagan, created by a Soviet nuclear test explosion
Russian underground nuclear test site
Nuclear explosion test site in Mississippi
Sedan Crater
Mysterious Objects: Well Protected In Iraqi Mountains
5000 Soviet Tanks
City? What City?
4 North Korean Tanks Guarding Road
Arzamas-16 / Sarov Russian Federal Nuclear Center
1,690 miles long wall in Sahara
Conning tower of the USS Lewis and Clark (SSBN 644)
Bunkers in Albania near the Jugoslavian border
Air Force Plant 44 - Raytheon
3rd Infiltration Tunnel
Giant Arrow
Chelyabinsk-65 / Ozersk Combine 817 / Production Association Mayak
Jefferson Proving Grounds
Tajoura Nuclear Research Centre
Very Large Adit Into Mountain Adjacent Iran's Isfahan Nuclear Processing Facilities
Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site
S4 Pads?
Joint Systems Manufacturing Center (Lima Tank Plant)
Pair of Bar Lock early warning radar
Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant
Names of Royal Navy hydrographic survey ships
Naval Security Station (NAVSECSTA) (also the Initial Headquarters for the Department of Homeland Security)
More Albanian bunkers
Swedish submarine deperming facility
McKinley Climatic Laboratory
Military Vehicles
Sniper bunker @ Scientology's Gilman Springs compound
Lockheed Moorestown Site
Tanks In Afghanistan
US Naval Observatory Administration Building
Closed city of Sverdlovsk-45 / Lesnoy
Divine Strake Testing Site
Krasnoyarsk-26 / Zheleznogorsk - Mining and Chemical Combine
High Energy Laser Systems Test Facility (HELSTF)
Fifty-five derelict Italian tanks
Closed city of Krasnoyarsk-45 / Zelenogorsk
Camp seven (Guantanamo)
Camouflaged Trailers in North Korea
'USMC' at Fort Lewis
German WW2 submarine bunkers Keroman I & II
A Village No More (N.E. Iraq)
Submarine Magnetic Silencing Facility
National Maritime Intelligence Center (NMIC)
Closed city of Penza-19 / Zarechny
Patton Tank Museum
15 inch guns at Imperial War Museum
LeJeune Hall (U.S. Naval Academy)
Remains of WWII MKII Churchill Tank
Circle with degree markings in Edwards Air Force Base
Carderock Division of the Naval Surface Warfare Center
Castello Monforte
Nike Missile Site LA-96-C
Clube do Exército no Setor Militar Urbano
Odd North Korean Complex
Tomsk-7 nuclear processing centers
White House Missile Battery
USS Rancocas: The Cornfield Cruiser
Curtis Bay Coast Guard Yard
Angarsk Electrolyzing Chemical Combine
US Military Cemetery Madingley England
Khankala military base near Grozny
Navy Radio Transmitting Facility Totsuka
DEW Line Site
Military facility with many large hangars
Largest covered dry dock in northern hemisphere
Ruins of San Zenone Fort
Fort Richelieu
Satelite resolution scale
Bomb Crater Amid SA-2 Site
Chelyabinsk-70 / Snezhinsk - Russian Federal Nuclear Center
LaGarde Building -- Armed Forces Retirement Home (AFRH)
British submarine
Degaussing facility
Camouflaged train
Fortress on the sea ( Astura Tower )
Rafael Production Plant
Russian Special Operations and Counterterrorist Forces barracks
Fenced-in area with aircraft remains
Sicily-Rome American Cemetery and Memorial
Former Air Defense radar site RP-39 / J31
Ratjomose Barracks
Nuremberg city walls
'The Executioner' airplane cutting crane
Dutch tank
Artillery Outside Tikrit
Adits in Iraqi Countryside
Begato Fortress
Fort Hill tower