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'Into the Wild' - location of the abandoned busHealy, AK, US2007-09-25 17:19:15kjfitz6.78 (46 votes)80,848
Alma tunnel where Lady Diana diedParis, FR2005-08-04 17:31:09dda5.21 (14 votes)37,604
1947 Roswell Crash Site; UFOCorona, NM, US2005-09-18 22:30:58focusfree4.42 (24 votes)33,064
Site of Hitler's BerghofObersalzberg, DE2006-04-25 11:47:48Hinkkanen10.00 (2 votes)21,311
AA Flight 191 crash siteChicago, IL, US2007-04-05 08:08:54daggerwell7.50 (16 votes)14,963
Former Nazi German Concentration Camp of Auschwitz-BirkenauOświęcim, PL2005-07-28 04:24:19zelkova4.57 (21 votes)13,426
World Trade Center SiteNew York, NY, US2005-04-13 04:49:38nic4.26 (19 votes)13,010
Chernobyl Power PlantPrypiat, UA2005-06-21 21:21:31darkhorse2194.74 (19 votes)12,817
Wreck of the Battleship USS Utah (BB-31) sunk during attack on Pearl HarborPearl Harbor, HI, US2006-04-30 11:18:27kjfitz7.00 (9 votes)12,741
Princess Grace of Monaco accident siteCap-d'Ail, FR2007-04-12 15:22:11milwhcky6.50 (8 votes)11,902
Flight 93 Crash SiteShanksville, PA, US2005-04-25 19:33:55Naten535.43 (7 votes)10,799
Site of Woodstock FestivalBethel, NY, US2005-06-02 21:17:50mikekmikek4.64 (33 votes)10,697
Café Van GoghArles, FR2007-05-26 10:10:18kaiken5.50 (2 votes)9,476
Pearl HarborHonolulu, HI, US2005-04-24 18:57:22azppunk5.64 (44 votes)9,218
Little Big Horn - Custer's Last StandCrow Agency, MT, US2005-04-24 15:50:20bbrock815.00 (2 votes)8,760
Clutter Farm of Capote's 'In Cold Blood' notorietyHolcomb, KS, US2006-03-26 13:47:43roadgeek6.25 (4 votes)8,663
Weird NJ - Albino VillageClifton, NJ, US2005-07-15 20:36:22weirdnj7.00 (11 votes)8,498
Dealey PlazaDallas, TX, US2005-04-17 22:58:52caledon5.08 (13 votes)8,390
Site of Tunguska EventRU2005-07-14 12:42:47Hinkkanen5.11 (9 votes)8,042
Auschwitz I concentration camp main gateOświęcim, PL2010-02-10 08:13:42gioveUnrated8,023
Remains of Berlin Wall (Mühlenstrasse)Berlin, DE2006-05-27 03:37:42DonMartini6.00 (1 votes)7,814
Hindenburg crash siteLakehurst, NJ, US2005-07-21 19:17:15kjfitz4.67 (15 votes)7,716
Osama Bin Laden Compound as seen on BBCAbbottābad, PK2011-05-02 08:17:38Pdunn8.38 (16 votes)6,882
Julius Caesar's Murder SiteRome, IT2006-11-18 03:28:59DonMartini7.20 (10 votes)6,800
Hiroshima ground zeroHiroshima, JP2005-08-05 18:13:31dda6.80 (5 votes)6,034
Site of SL-1 fatal nuclear reactor accidentIdaho Falls, ID, US2006-04-03 17:45:00kjfitz5.75 (4 votes)5,342
AA Flight 587 Crash SiteNew York, NY, US2007-03-06 10:27:22daggerwell0.00 (1 votes)5,026
Abraham Lincoln assassination siteWashington, DC, US2005-04-25 14:51:05tresverdes6.75 (4 votes)4,906
A cross on the site of Joan of Arc executionRouen, FR2007-07-27 17:52:12dda (0 votes)4,886
Battle of Cannae ( 216 BC ) archeological siteCanne della Battaglia, IT2007-04-26 02:37:52Effi10.00 (1 votes)4,762
Chappaquiddick Dike/BridgeEdgartown, MA, US2005-04-24 19:20:49tresverdes3.42 (12 votes)4,596
PompeiiNaples, IT2005-06-21 12:43:07kjfitz10.00 (1 votes)4,210
2001-09-21 - AZF explosion craterToulouse, FR2007-05-17 11:48:35dda (0 votes)3,978
Villa DiodatiCologny, CH2007-03-04 14:11:59Hinkkanen5.00 (2 votes)3,617
Billy the Kid GraveFort Sumner, NM, US2006-08-05 14:25:31bonjbrown25.75 (4 votes)3,603
Plymouth RockPlymouth, MA, US2005-07-23 05:46:59happenstance7.43 (7 votes)3,588
Site of Nikola Tesla's Wardenclyffe TowerShoreham, NY, US2008-05-14 20:06:49Parabellum7.42 (19 votes)3,529
Kehlsteinhaus (Eagle's Nest)DE2006-04-25 11:34:16Hinkkanen7.50 (2 votes)3,529
Site of McColloch's LeapWheeling, WV, US2005-08-18 08:01:23AlbinoFlea7.14 (7 votes)3,508
Site of Hitler's Reich ChancelleryBerlin, DE2006-05-27 02:49:41DonMartini1.00 (1 votes)3,499
Lindbergh kidnapping homeHopewell, NJ, US2005-04-25 12:10:17tresverdes3.43 (14 votes)3,364
Villa Belmonte - Mussolini death placeMezzegra, IT2010-03-23 08:23:05giove10.00 (1 votes)3,341
Bikini AtollArbar, MH2005-08-24 12:26:39AlbinoFlea7.17 (6 votes)3,314
Branch Davidian - Mt. Carmel - Feb 28, 1993Waco, TX, US2005-08-21 17:03:50bonjbrown5.50 (2 votes)3,251
Spinalonga Island (former leper colony)Elounda, GR2006-04-24 11:03:52DonMartini2.43 (7 votes)3,188
Kraków-Płaszów concentration campKrakow, PL2009-07-26 04:26:46DaniaUnrated3,163
Tits' bridge / Ponte delle TetteVenice, IT2006-09-29 11:41:59dda1.00 (3 votes)3,119
Burial Site of the world's First Nuclear ReactorPalos Hills, IL, US2005-07-19 12:43:37cfanone7.00 (7 votes)3,045
747 crashed in Roissy airportRoissy-en-France, FR2006-05-16 14:48:25dda2.40 (5 votes)2,997
Howland Island (Amelia Earhart's Destination)Howland Island, UM2006-01-18 21:22:44AlbinoFlea4.20 (5 votes)2,977
Site of the 1922 Herrin MassacreHerrin, IL, US2006-02-25 12:31:22santo (0 votes)2,797
Site of Air Canada Flight 621 crashToronto, CA2010-04-15 19:57:18kjfitzUnrated2,796
Site of "Sham Paris"Herblay, FR2011-09-26 08:10:08skyeye10.00 (1 votes)2,777
Laura Welch Bush 1963 Car Accident SiteMidland, TX, US2005-09-18 00:33:17yikesahootie7.14 (14 votes)2,754
First Wal-MartRogers, AR, US2007-10-26 13:30:50LongLiveRock (0 votes)2,664
Angel de la IndependenciaMexico City, MX2005-09-20 18:51:16vicmoon4.81 (31 votes)2,632
Arromanches D-day artificial portArromanches-les-Bains, FR2005-06-28 07:11:00scotchpenicillin4.07 (29 votes)2,629
Lake Peigneur - The lake that ate LouisianaNew Iberia, LA, US2007-09-28 13:27:28kjfitz6.33 (3 votes)2,585
James Dean crash siteCholame, CA, US2007-04-01 07:29:37daggerwell (0 votes)2,510
The Great Train Wreck of 1918Nashville, TN, US2008-12-09 13:31:201JonKing10.00 (1 votes)2,503
Zejtinlik Serbian CemeteryThessaloniki, GR2010-08-03 14:16:37Dania6.00 (2 votes)2,438
Site of Nazi Camp SiegfriedYaphank, NY, US2012-05-03 20:52:25skyeyeUnrated2,437
Ann Frank's HouseAmsterdam, NL2005-06-25 19:10:26kjfitz6.08 (13 votes)2,402
Buchenwald concentration campWeimar, DE2006-04-29 13:42:30Hinkkanen5.50 (2 votes)2,368
Concorde crash locationGonesse, FR2005-08-07 09:22:02dda (0 votes)2,349
Teapot Dome Oil Field (detail)WY, US2005-09-18 00:20:13yikesahootie4.04 (28 votes)2,343
Site of the assassination attempt on President ReaganWashington, DC, US2008-11-13 15:03:06milwhcky10.00 (1 votes)2,326
Anne Hathaway's CottageShottery, GB2010-05-10 14:21:42kjfitzUnrated2,300
Plaza de las Tres Culturas, TlatelolcoMexico City, MX2005-07-14 15:35:19dpegna10.00 (2 votes)2,300
JFK's Nantucket Bomb ShelterNantucket, MA, US2011-10-02 11:31:33skyeyeUnrated2,251
John Wilkes Booth's place of deathPort Royal, VA, US2010-08-08 14:36:15Dania9.50 (2 votes)2,199
Raroia, where Thor Hyerdahl's Kon Tiki Expedition LandedRaroia, PF2006-04-03 08:49:31AlbinoFlea3.71 (7 votes)2,194
Monte Cassino abbeyCassino, IT2005-07-11 13:41:12Hinkkanen5.50 (2 votes)2,188
Wailing Wall (western Wall) and Mount of olivesJerusalem, IL2005-09-11 07:52:59TEYITAA5.38 (8 votes)2,167
The World Trade center SphereNew York, NY, US2006-10-20 23:23:10dda9.00 (2 votes)2,156
Allegheny Airlines Flight 853 crash siteFairland, IN, US2007-04-05 10:08:27daggerwell8.50 (2 votes)2,094
Concentration Camp MauthausenMauthausen, AT2009-06-08 01:51:13DaniaUnrated2,082
Bravo CraterArbar, MH2008-04-20 00:10:11jbottero8.58 (19 votes)2,072
Medicine Bluffs - Geronimo!Fort Sill, OK, US2006-12-11 22:26:28Ozzy8.00 (2 votes)2,069
Breendonk concentration campWillebroek, BE2006-11-01 18:50:09dda10.00 (1 votes)2,044
Site of the slipways where Titanic and Olympic were builtBelfast, GB2006-02-11 06:28:49Hinkkanen5.00 (1 votes)2,023
Joelma Building Fire - February 1, 1974São Paulo, BR2008-11-23 01:23:52adrbrUnrated1,993
Livadia PalaceYalta, UA2006-07-02 12:49:18Hinkkanen1.00 (1 votes)1,974
Harland & Wolf Number 3 Slipway - Where the Titanic was builtBelfast, GB2007-02-20 22:40:14kjfitz10.00 (1 votes)1,957
Qala i Jangi fortressBalkh, AF2007-03-29 22:27:04winsettz (0 votes)1,941
The Day the Music DiedClear Lake, IA, US2010-01-02 11:01:59kjfitzUnrated1,936
Braddock's RockWashington, DC, US2006-01-11 21:23:08AlbinoFlea4.10 (21 votes)1,920
Walden PondConcord, MA, US2005-10-20 17:41:19romulusnr7.75 (4 votes)1,908
Captain Kidd's Shipwreck discovered near Catalina IslandDO2007-12-15 10:06:18neotrix10.00 (2 votes)1,889
Bridge of Remagen, TheRemagen, DE2005-07-01 15:41:26Salinga5.19 (16 votes)1,885
Abraham Lincoln's BirthplaceHodgenville, KY, US2005-11-15 18:33:36mrjonmeyers7.42 (24 votes)1,870
Bosque Redondo: The Navajo Long WalkFort Sumner, NM, US2005-09-18 22:00:38focusfree7.00 (26 votes)1,848
Brownsea IslandGB2005-07-15 13:59:01dpegna5.50 (22 votes)1,846
ClivedenGB2005-07-03 06:52:07Hinkkanen4.39 (31 votes)1,816
Ambassador HotelLos Angeles, CA, US2005-07-04 14:56:54happenstance5.80 (10 votes)1,809
Location of the guillotine used in Louis XVI's executionParis, FR2006-05-06 01:12:11kjfitz1.00 (2 votes)1,766
Felix Baumgartner's Stratos jump landing siteRoswell, NM, US2012-10-15 04:56:15Fab10.00 (2 votes)1,765
Curseen-Morris Mail Processing and Distribution Center (P&DC) (formerly Brentwood Postal Facility)Washington, DC, US2005-07-10 20:57:05AlbinoFlea5.33 (9 votes)1,748
ValuJet Flight 592 crash siteEverglades, FL, US2012-11-16 22:44:02Fab10.00 (2 votes)1,744
Island where H-bomb was testedMH2006-06-12 23:33:13AlejoHausner1.00 (1 votes)1,735