Geographic Extremes (List)

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Center of the World according to LiveLocalReliance, SD, US2006-05-12 15:33:08dda5.16 (56 votes)17,676
Center of the World according to Google MapsCoffeyville, KS, US2006-05-12 15:31:09dda4.25 (4 votes)7,594
Giant Whirlpool beneath the Golden Gate BridgeSan Francisco, CA, US2006-10-16 21:50:04Pdunn7.52 (73 votes)6,946
World's Most Remote Island - Tristan da CunhaSH2005-08-24 13:10:17boogerpresley7.09 (33 votes)5,657
Pacific Pole of Inaccessibility (aka Point Nemo)Pacific Ocean, IW2005-08-02 10:37:42albinoflea (0 votes)5,394
Xiaozhai Tiankeng sinkholeJianshi, CN2011-11-03 00:54:18DaniaUnrated5,353
Center of the World according to GoogleEarthSteinauer, NE, US2006-05-12 15:31:50dda7.25 (4 votes)4,778
KanyakumariIN2005-12-13 02:40:26AKpilotEMT1.00 (2 votes)4,463
Geographic Center of the Contiguous United StatesLebanon, KS, US2005-11-13 13:25:10vetteman821.00 (3 votes)3,863
Driest place in the WorldCL2005-11-06 19:24:42dda2.09 (34 votes)3,251
Northernmost Denny's in the WorldFairbanks, AK, US2006-05-01 19:26:55AlbinoFlea4.29 (7 votes)3,200
Ras ben Sakka, the northernmost point of AfricaMA2005-08-06 07:17:36Hinkkanen3.67 (9 votes)3,080
Terraforming for "The World" off of DubaiDubai, AE2007-01-14 20:21:36TXArtcGal9.50 (2 votes)2,993
“Nature” by natureIR2005-11-06 22:57:37pdunn7.46 (92 votes)2,802
Hottest place in the WorldAl Azizia, LY2005-11-06 12:06:09dda5.07 (30 votes)2,711
Northernmost McDonald's in the worldRovaniemi, FI2011-06-16 12:54:17kkepsUnrated2,657
Mizen Head, Ireland’s most south-westerly pointIE2007-01-28 12:30:23mstoess (0 votes)2,573
The North PoleIW2006-01-07 16:27:22edv6.67 (3 votes)2,174
World's Largest BeachChennai, IN2006-08-29 14:46:31dda1.00 (1 votes)2,168
Town Hill (highest point in Bermuda)Flatt's Village, BM2011-03-20 07:04:42kkepsUnrated2,080
Eurasian Pole of InaccessibilityÜrümqi, CN2005-08-02 10:42:09AlbinoFlea6.67 (3 votes)2,009
Coldest place in the WorldAntarctica, AQ2005-11-06 19:15:21dda4.43 (7 votes)1,858
Geographic center of TennesseeMurfreesboro, TN, US2006-03-23 10:46:26kjfitz9.50 (2 votes)1,848
Kilgore Lake Pond (Geog. Center of North America)Rugby, ND, US2005-11-23 13:49:16romulusnr (0 votes)1,724
Lowest Airport in North AmericaFurnace Creek, CA, US2005-07-07 15:59:27Blue_Scapegoat10.00 (2 votes)1,714
Bilibino - northernmost nuclear power plant in the worldBilibino, RU2005-12-14 17:49:46susuman10.00 (2 votes)1,596
Cape Baba (westernmost point of Asia)Babakale, TR2010-07-22 20:36:39kkepsUnrated1,580
Titicaca LakePE2005-08-31 15:00:39Josema5.27 (45 votes)1,422
Point Zero - the geographic center of ParisParis, FR2006-05-07 17:33:30kjfitz9.00 (1 votes)1,405
Big Stone LakeBig Stone City, SD, US2011-03-20 06:34:42kkepsUnrated1,329
Northernmost Burger King in the worldTromsø, NO2011-06-16 13:19:45kkepsUnrated1,282
Lake Assal (lowest point in Africa)Ardoukoba, DJ2010-07-22 20:10:21kkeps5.50 (2 votes)1,282
Mount ElbrusTerskol, RU2010-07-22 20:18:40kkepsUnrated1,261
Calderstones HospitalWhalley, GB2006-03-26 05:32:52Hinkkanen1.00 (1 votes)1,215
Zero MilestoneWashington, DC, US2006-02-19 00:46:26AlbinoFlea (0 votes)1,125
Center of the World according to YahooMapsMedicine Lodge, KS, US2006-05-12 15:32:26dda (0 votes)1,100
BadwaterDeath Valley, CA, US2005-04-22 18:56:06nic6.77 (13 votes)1,085
Aydingkol Lake (Moonlight Lake) Glauber's Salt Evaporation PlantTurpan, CN2005-12-19 15:37:06AlbinoFlea4.00 (3 votes)1,083
Point BarrowBarrow, AK, US2005-12-06 15:23:39AKpilotEMT6.14 (14 votes)1,071
Mitad del Mundo (Middle of the World) monumentSan Antonio de Pichincha, EC2006-01-26 14:42:47kjfitz10.00 (1 votes)1,051
Resolute BayResolute, CA2006-10-15 19:38:05Gosell1.00 (1 votes)1,018
Pochnoi Point - Easternmost Point of the U.S.Semisopochnoi Island, AK, US2005-12-06 15:43:14AKpilotEMT10.00 (1 votes)1,011
Beaver Dam WashSt George, UT, US2011-03-20 06:43:23kkepsUnrated994
The South PoleIW2006-01-07 16:26:19edv5.00 (2 votes)980
Cape Froward (southernmost point of mainland South America)Punta Arenas, CL2010-07-22 20:53:16kkepsUnrated977
RAF Ventnor Radar StationVentnor, GB2006-04-05 14:41:52Hinkkanen (0 votes)974
Punta GallinasCO2005-12-06 15:03:07romulusnr10.00 (1 votes)946
Punta de Tarifa (southernmost point of mainland Europe)Tarifa, ES2010-07-22 21:27:56kkepsUnrated942
The highest village in EuropeChvibiani, GE2010-01-06 07:01:24hhgygy10.00 (1 votes)905
Dashiwei tiankeng sinkholeLeye, CN2011-11-03 01:02:08DaniaUnrated892
Farallon de PajarosMP2006-06-24 11:14:58Hinkkanen5.50 (2 votes)877
Greek flag over St.George Lycabettus (highest point in Athens)Athens, GR2007-10-10 11:46:26kjfitz (0 votes)867
Northernmost Girl Scout CouncilFairbanks, AK, US2009-01-10 05:48:15kkepsUnrated863
Cape SpearSt John's, CA2005-12-06 13:39:23romulusnr3.00 (1 votes)858
Northernmost Permanent Settlement on EarthAlert, CA2006-03-02 12:40:55santo (0 votes)843
HankoHanko, FI2005-08-09 08:54:23Hinkkanen4.04 (24 votes)833
Geographical Center of North America MonumentRugby, ND, US2006-05-22 12:13:16mikeb9991 (0 votes)830
The Grand Aleutian HotelUnalaska, AK, US2008-03-31 00:37:44jbottero10.00 (3 votes)811
Northernmost Denny's in the WorldFairbanks, AK, US2009-01-09 20:33:58kkepsUnrated804
Magnetic North Pole Location, 1996Ellef Ringnes Island, CA2005-08-02 08:50:22albinoflea (0 votes)801
Nordost RundingenGL2005-12-06 13:33:02romulusnr7.29 (17 votes)796
Devil's SlideMontara, CA, US2008-04-27 10:57:51milwhcky (0 votes)780
The Southernmost point of Italy?Palizzi, IT2010-02-01 09:01:24hhgygyUnrated756
Geographical Center of EuropeKruhlyi, UA2009-12-20 05:44:40hhgygyUnrated740
Jefferson Pier (Jefferson Stone)Washington, DC, US2006-02-23 22:57:11AlbinoFlea (0 votes)712
Mount Jamanota (highest point of Aruba)Santa Cruz, AW2011-03-22 18:43:29kkepsUnrated696
Southern Pole Of InaccessibilityAntarctica, AQ2005-08-02 10:17:39albinoflea4.75 (4 votes)681
Southernmost McDonald's in the worldInvercargill, NZ2011-06-16 12:58:13kkeps3.50 (2 votes)680
Lake VanVan, TR2011-06-05 17:52:43kkepsUnrated675
Blue Hills (highest point in Turks and Caicos islands)Five Cays Settlements, TC2011-03-20 06:50:51kkepsUnrated666
'Wind Harp'Zanesville, OH, US2011-12-13 10:17:53pmoore66Unrated664
Northern Pole of InaccessibilityArctic Ocean, IW2005-08-02 09:45:24albinoflea1.00 (1 votes)655
The Bluff (highest point in the Cayman Islands)Spot Bay, KY2011-03-20 06:47:15kkepsUnrated639
DinaraKijevo, HR2011-05-10 17:40:37kkepsUnrated634
Dean's Blue HoleClarence Town, BS2011-11-03 01:21:10DaniaUnrated631
Bălăneşti Hill (highest point of Moldova)Bălăneşti, MD2011-05-18 17:36:25kkepsUnrated626
The Geographic South PoleAntarctica, AQ2012-07-17 04:32:03Mike198910.00 (3 votes)621
Bellevue de l'Inini (highest point of French Guiana)Eau Claire, GF2011-04-02 19:46:14kkepsUnrated621
Pic Paradis (highest point of St. Martin)Colombier, GP2011-03-25 18:31:46kkeps10.00 (1 votes)602
Mount KorabRadomirë, AL2011-05-11 18:14:07kkepsUnrated588
Baltoro GlacierAskole, PK2011-08-18 14:00:54neotrixUnrated581
Taklamkan Desert’s sand dunesCN2009-02-16 09:23:31adrbrUnrated567
Magnetic North Pole Location, 1962Bathurst Island, CA2005-08-02 08:59:56albinoflea3.64 (11 votes)567
Tanjung Piai (southernmost point of mainland Asia)Tanjung Piai, MY2010-07-22 21:40:27kkepsUnrated556
Crocus Hill (highest point in Anguilla)The Valley, AI2011-03-20 06:53:00kkepsUnrated556
Wettest place in the WorldCherrapunji, IN2005-11-06 19:19:13dda3.40 (5 votes)552
Volcán Tajumulco (highest mountain in Central America)Ixchiguán, GT2011-01-18 17:40:07kkepsUnrated552
Middle IslandMiddle Island, CA2005-12-06 13:46:49romulusnr (0 votes)545
The Golden TriangleChiang Saen, TH2005-08-13 13:11:00cmike776.00 (6 votes)544
Le Moulin (highest point in Guernsey)Beau Sejour, GB2011-03-20 07:11:12kkepsUnrated541
Crown Mountain (highest point of U.S. Virgin Islands)Adelphi, VI2011-03-26 17:06:09kkepsUnrated534
Cape Nordkinn (northernmost point of mainland Europe)Lebesby, NO2010-07-22 20:58:12kkepsUnrated531
McFarthest spot in the USGlad Valley, SD, US2009-09-25 08:42:59kjfitzUnrated530
Pawala Valley Ridge (highest point of the Pitcairn Islands)Adamstown, PN2011-03-22 18:58:25kkepsUnrated526
Magnetic North Pole Location, 1948Prince of Wales Island, CA2005-08-02 08:54:37albinoflea4.20 (5 votes)524
Ka LaeHI, US2005-12-06 15:21:48AKpilotEMT (0 votes)522
Magnetic North Pole Location, 1831Boothia Peninsula, CA2005-08-02 09:33:11albinoflea2.00 (6 votes)515
VerkhoyanskVerkhoyansk, RU2006-06-22 15:38:03Hinkkanen (0 votes)512
Pointe des Almadies - Westernmost Point on the African ContinentDakar, SN2006-07-13 03:14:48AKpilotEMT (0 votes)507
Mount Usborne (highest point of the Falkland Islands)Ceritos, FK2011-04-02 19:43:20kkepsUnrated505