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mlc1us @ 2017-03-15 17:52:35
mlc1us pictureBeach House from 'Hannah Montana' TV Series
Probably not unless you can rent it. It is a privately owned vacation rental @ $3,000 - $5,000 per night.
Anonymous @ 2017-03-15 16:57:11
Anonymous pictureBeach House from 'Hannah Montana' TV Series
Is it possibly to visit this house. (For sight seeing)
Anonymous @ 2017-03-15 07:52:39
Anonymous pictureAccess to the abandoned Penmanshiel Tunnel
No. The memorial is directly above where the tunnel collapsed. It's almost impossible to see where the tunnel used to be now.
Anonymous @ 2017-03-13 20:27:40
Anonymous pictureNorma Talmadge's house (former)
She died in Las Vegas..not here
Anonymous @ 2017-03-13 15:57:41
Anonymous pictureInsights El Paso Science Museum
Now gone. (demolished)
jdubble07 @ 2017-03-13 13:29:50
jdubble07 picture'Chandler House' by Wallace Neff
This home is used as the filming location as Stanley Tucci's character of Jack Warner in the FX series Feud: Bette & Joan.
Anonymous @ 2017-03-13 00:10:21
Anonymous pictureThe Jefferson's Apartment
I think it's great that people know where these locations are. Some of them have grown up with these shows, and have always wondered where they were filmed.
Anonymous @ 2017-03-12 13:38:56
Anonymous pictureYamaguchi-gumi's Headquarters
The main entrance is behind with dozens of cameras.
Anonymous @ 2017-03-12 06:32:52
Anonymous pictureWWII Mulberry Harbour Section
it is part of the Mulberry Harbour. this particular piece is a floating barge used to support the roadway.
Anonymous @ 2017-03-11 12:29:45
Anonymous pictureThistle Creek Gold Dredge
permit to move it is it government land
Anonymous @ 2017-03-11 12:12:06
Anonymous pictureLake Chargoggagogg manchauggagogg chaubunagungamaugg
Yup, grew up in Lawrence, and needed glasses as a little kid. this was on the card on the inside of my glasses case. Over the years I've thought about it, and never thought I'd hear the word again....
Anonymous @ 2017-03-10 15:48:25
Anonymous pictureSteven Gerrard's House
Wayne Roony used to live in the house next door to the left of Gerard's house.
jdubble07 @ 2017-03-09 13:09:56
jdubble07 picturePascaline Bongo Ondimba's House
Listed for sale for $17.495M.
Anonymous @ 2017-03-09 11:12:17
Anonymous pictureMike Judge's House
this is a great resource.
kkeps @ 2017-03-09 08:39:56
kkeps pictureAzure Window
Collapsed into the sea on March 8, 2017.
Anonymous @ 2017-03-09 02:44:31
Anonymous pictureHelen Greiner's House
She demolished this historic home.
jdubble07 @ 2017-03-08 13:33:29
jdubble07 pictureMr. T's House (former)
Listed for sale for $7.5M.
Anonymous @ 2017-03-08 09:53:03
Anonymous pictureYasiel Puig's House
$1.8 mil?? hahah wow
KRL @ 2017-03-07 10:39:04
KRL picturePlacer Gold
Anonymous @ 2017-03-06 21:21:33
Anonymous picturePatriotic El Camino
I guess it's an invisible car?
Anonymous @ 2017-03-04 12:08:54
Anonymous pictureInside Outside House (Outhouse) by Loyn & Co Architects
The most amazing outhouse ever! :)
Anonymous @ 2017-03-03 11:38:24
Anonymous pictureSteve Polachi & Debra Chipman's House
You should see this place during the Holiday season. MAGNIFICENT!
KRL @ 2017-03-02 10:18:35
KRL pictureTallest dam in the US
jdubble07 @ 2017-03-02 09:50:18
jdubble07 pictureKurt J. Langsenkamp's House (Former)
Sold to Russian casino owner Maxim Smolentsev.
Anonymous @ 2017-03-01 23:34:17
Anonymous pictureProto - Former NATO Allied Forces Europe Southern Europe (AFSOUTH) underground HQ
Terry W Colvin here. I worked the Tunnel 4 communications center at Bagnoli. Recall the NATO war games (CIMEX/WINTEX) at Proto 1977 to 1980. Those of us living at those no longer existing apartment towers at Pineta Mare had the option of taking the bus back to our homes which I did. We had five children and my wife did not drive. When the Iran hostage crisis broke o/a November 4, 1979, we were working the war game at Proto. When the teletypes started to go silent we knew that something...
jbottero @ 2017-02-27 11:19:16
jbottero pictureAlert Hangar
Funny that this is actually designated a Canadian Historic building. It's a hanger, looks like any other hanger.
Anonymous @ 2017-02-26 20:49:09
Anonymous pictureKaren Walker's Apartment (Will & Grace)
930 Fifth Ave was not the building used for exterior shots of Karen's penthouse. The correct building is 778 Park Avenue on the northwest corner of 73rd Street.
mlc1us @ 2017-02-26 11:33:37
mlc1us pictureKisarazu aircraft static display
Lockheed F-104J Starfighter
Fuji T-1B
Anonymous @ 2017-02-25 00:59:12
Anonymous pictureXiaozhai Tiankeng sinkhole
i am researching about this but not alot of websites are telling me the cause.
Anonymous @ 2017-02-24 17:50:38
Anonymous picture'Lucy's House'
You should check your facts. She never owned it. She owned land that it was built on and the Ball Brothers contractors helped build it. Lucy never owned it.
daMonstah @ 2017-02-24 02:06:08
daMonstah pictureGuard Post Collier
I did my time here too.
daMonstah @ 2017-02-24 01:47:20
daMonstah pictureCamp Liberty Bell
I was stationed here in Dec '73 through Sept '74 in the 1/31St Mechanized Infantry Company B. Pvt 2nd Class Robinson
cthippo @ 2017-02-24 01:43:51
cthippo pictureSunken Ship
That's the remains of the US Coast Guard cutter Onandaga, WPG-79
jdubble07 @ 2017-02-23 16:14:07
jdubble07 pictureLauren Graham's House
Portia de Rossi owned the home from 2002-2005.
mlc1us @ 2017-02-22 17:06:22
mlc1us pictureClemson Centennial Oak - Largest Bur Oak in South Carolina
Address: Clemson University, BRC #310, 105 Collings St, Clemson, SC 29634

GPS 34.674896, -82.832612
Anonymous @ 2017-02-22 13:15:39
Anonymous pictureClemson Centennial Oak - Largest Bur Oak in South Carolina
Where is the location of the freaking tree?! WEVE BEEN LOOKING FOR HOURS DAMNITT GIVE ME THE ADDRESS
Anonymous @ 2017-02-21 14:53:44
Anonymous pictureHobbs AAF Precision Bombing Target
I don't see any bomb craters...
Anonymous @ 2017-02-21 06:37:06
Anonymous pictureRadwaniyah Palace
Uh, yeah this IS Radwaniyah Palace Complex. The large palace on top of the hill with the spiral road going up IS Radwaniyah Palace. The smaller palace on the lake east of that is Falcon Palace. I lived in Falcon Palace for 7 months from 2009-10.
Mieguy @ 2017-02-20 04:34:44
Mieguy pictureHarry Potter's house
Filming location for Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. The street and houses were built on a set for later movies.
mlc1us @ 2017-02-17 12:43:09
mlc1us pictureJames T. Vaughn Correctional Center
Thanks! @anon. Title and more info links updated.
Anonymous @ 2017-02-17 10:06:21
Anonymous pictureJames T. Vaughn Correctional Center
Now known as the James T. Vaughn Correctional Center. Where on February 2nd 2017 Sgt. Steven Floyd a 16 year veteran Correctional Officer lost his life during an inmate uprising.
jdubble07 @ 2017-02-14 13:52:48
jdubble07 pictureMelanie Griffith's house (former)
chaswatson @ 2017-02-14 09:00:42
chaswatson pictureThe Castle
The pub sign has been changed as can be seen in the latest Streetview imagery.
Anonymous @ 2017-02-13 17:19:55
Anonymous pictureTed Sarandos & Nicole Avant's House (Previously Leased by Janet Jackson)
Yes, this is definitely the Malibu beach house she was in where she did the Robin Roberts interview after Michael died. But since she's lived with her husband in Dubai and currently now in London over the past few years, does she still have this house?
Anonymous @ 2017-02-13 12:45:53
Anonymous pictureBelmont TV Transition Tower
It is no longer as tall because it was shortened a few years ago when television became digital.
Anonymous @ 2017-02-13 12:41:26
Anonymous pictureTropospheric Scatter Dishes
The dishes had been upright until the NATO Forward Scatter Site (NFSS) was decommissioned. Two had been facing Fylingdales ballistic missile early warning station in North Yorkshire, and two facing another relay station in Norfolk, the purpose of the system being to relay data from Fylingdales to NATO headquarters at Maastricht in The Netherlands. They were dismounted because the new owner believed they had scrap value, but he quickly came to realise they were worthless and probably contained...
KRL @ 2017-02-13 09:53:08
KRL pictureTallest dam in the US
Evacuation of 200,000 people underway as dam spillway overflows. Drone video at second video at link:
Anonymous @ 2017-02-12 21:38:46
Anonymous pictureCamp Darby
i was stationed at camp darby from 1985-86
jbottero @ 2017-02-10 11:48:33
jbottero pictureCircle Cinema
Anonymous @ 2017-02-09 15:15:46
Anonymous pictureDick DeVos's home
Husband of Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos.
jdubble07 @ 2017-02-09 15:15:26
jdubble07 pictureDeirdre S. Reade's House
She is the wife of Jim Crane, chairman and CEO of Crane Capital Group, the majority shareholder of Champion Energy, Crane Worldwide Logistics, and Crane Freight & Shipping, and owner and chairman of the MLB team Houston Astros.
Anonymous @ 2017-02-09 14:13:08
Anonymous pictureScrap Metal Roadrunner
The Roadrunner was made by Nick Wieman and friends, back in 1975 as a high school art project. It was placed there for a few years until the school found out that some school lockers were used in this project, So they removed it and sold it for scrap. Nick has since passed.
Mieguy @ 2017-02-09 06:59:34
Mieguy pictureLacock (Harry Potter filming location)
If you compare it with the movie still provided in the link you see that this is the exact movie location.
MarcoEsc @ 2017-02-09 00:36:38
MarcoEsc picture'Guardian I' by Alan Burrus
Found its twin, serving as a private mailbox and Pokéstop in nearby Scotts Valley
Alephs @ 2017-02-08 07:14:31
Alephs pictureFrancesco Totti's penthouse
Thank you. That seems to be accurate information.
Anonymous @ 2017-02-08 06:46:54
Anonymous pictureFrancesco Totti's penthouse
41.8142352,12.4565474,77 new totti House rome
Anonymous @ 2017-02-07 19:37:04
Anonymous pictureWilmot Raceway
The new track opened for business in 1973, not 1974.
MelissaPLeigh @ 2017-02-07 10:29:22
MelissaPLeigh pictureVivian Vance's House (Former)
Nice- That's MY house!!!!!!!! You should read about the paranormal activity..... Still on the Stamford Advocate's website!!!!
jdubble07 @ 2017-02-06 09:19:16
jdubble07 pictureAnthony Kiedis' House (former)
Sold to writer, producer, and director, Akiva Goldsmith. Goldsmith listed the home for sale in 2017 for $12.5M.
Anonymous @ 2017-02-03 19:47:59
Anonymous pictureGoogle car runs a stop light
No...the google car is simply making a left hand turn...
Anonymous @ 2017-02-03 03:41:01
Anonymous pictureB-36 crash site
My name is Barbara and I remember this plane crash, when I was 2 1/2 years of age. My parents, James & Marjorie Woods, along with my grandparents Dunklin & Eudora Robinson, we're planing to go 'up to the mountain and see the plane crash.' Instinctively I realized the seriousness of this even as a young child. Barbara A. Woods McLure
Anonymous @ 2017-02-02 18:11:45
Anonymous pictureChateau Pensmore
This is the beginning of the seeing eyes tunnel
KRL @ 2017-02-02 12:44:16
KRL pictureMilitary Training Base
Large buildings are Aircraft Factory: #522 (Y-5s).
KRL @ 2017-02-01 15:22:31
KRL pictureSoaring Dragon (Xianglong) Drones
Two more Dragons' just southeast, outside large hangar - primer colors.
jdubble07 @ 2017-02-01 14:19:20
jdubble07 pictureDaniel Davis' House (Former)
He sold this home in 2009 for $1.393M.
jdubble07 @ 2017-02-01 09:22:53
jdubble07 pictureIan Bishop's House (former)
Sold in 2014.
Anonymous @ 2017-02-01 01:29:48
Anonymous picturePatrick Allender's House
That's why successful people like living in Desert Mountain. Close but away
Anonymous @ 2017-01-31 11:58:17
Anonymous pictureGiant bowling pin
Fun to get your picture taken next to on the way to the square.
Anonymous @ 2017-01-30 16:07:55
Anonymous pictureAdrian Bailey's House
Adrian Bailey No longer owns bailey
jdubble07 @ 2017-01-30 09:22:53
jdubble07 pictureRobert Lindsay's house (Former)
Sold in 2010 for $300,000 and then to model and polo player, Nic Roldan in 2015 for $415,000.
jdubble07 @ 2017-01-27 14:49:33
jdubble07 pictureRussell Rea's House (Former)
Purchased by Russian billionaire Andrey Goncharenko for £41m in 2011.
KHALL @ 2017-01-27 03:22:02
KHALL pictureClint Bowyer's House
Clint's new farm is here:,-80.5675865,151m/data=!3m1!1e3

I cant get it to correctly make a thumbnail in order to submit it myself.
Anonymous @ 2017-01-26 13:43:21
Anonymous pictureVictoria Fertitta's House
This is one of the most tasteful homes in America. The interior architecture and decoration is impeccable.
jdubble07 @ 2017-01-26 12:03:20
jdubble07 pictureButch Trucks's House (Former)
Trucks had to sell the home in 2011 due to financial issues. He sold the home for $2M when it was estimated to be worth about $4M at the time so he could pay off a $800k mortgage and two IRS liens.
Anonymous @ 2017-01-25 04:23:12
Anonymous pictureMarsihès castle
I cannot believe there's no pictures of this on Google.
mlc1us @ 2017-01-23 12:50:23
mlc1us pictureAncient City of Gerisa
I believe the city and country fields are automatically filled in based on information posted on nearby existing maps. This maps has no nearby maps, and that is probably the reason it didn't work.
Drudii @ 2017-01-23 12:05:14
Drudii pictureRoman Ruins of Leptis Magna
Wrong picture. This one can be removed. Whoops!
Drudii @ 2017-01-23 11:49:29
Drudii pictureAncient City of Gerisa
Since it stayed as the USA in the "Country" option, I manually set it to Libya. I can see by clicking the map, it guides you to the right location, but it just doesn't register it is located in Libya here on the site. All the other maps I have done today have worked perfectly so I don't understand how this one all of a sudden glitches.
Drudii @ 2017-01-23 11:27:55
Drudii pictureAncient City of Gerisa
This one is gltiched. For some reason it would not register the URL's location being in Libya, but instead just stayed as the USA under the "Country" option. So according to the site this has now location now. This one can be deleted. I'll try to upload a new one with a URL that hopefully works!
Anonymous @ 2017-01-23 04:22:43
Anonymous pictureGeorge Strait's House
George also owns a house in pinetop, AZ, where he goes very seldom to shoot elk.
hhgygy @ 2017-01-22 13:31:12
hhgygy pictureWorld's biggest known living creature
Creature as an "animate being" as its dictionary entry says but I am not a native speaker of English so call it whatever you like
Anonymous @ 2017-01-22 13:20:07
Anonymous pictureWorld's biggest known living creature
Organism, not creature.
Anonymous @ 2017-01-20 23:45:20
Anonymous pictureMickey Palin's compound
There's only four greens.
Anonymous @ 2017-01-20 10:57:37
Anonymous pictureEminem's House
No he still lives there. Thats why the road that leads up to the house you cant get in strret view mode.
GlobalFilmLocations @ 2017-01-19 18:30:03
GlobalFilmLocations pictureBack to the Future Town Square Set
MfreadUSN @ 2017-01-19 14:34:51
MfreadUSN pictureAllied Forces Southern Europe (AFSOUTH)
Anyone stationed at CAPO during 1968 thru 1971 let's talk sometime. Looking for shipmates ADR2 Gary McLaughlin, SN Stewart Nafy, BM3 N Bonivita..let me know
MfreadUSN @ 2017-01-19 10:56:04
MfreadUSN pictureAllied Forces Southern Europe (AFSOUTH)
I was stationed at CAPO NAF Naples, 1969 to 1971, played fast pitch softball for CAPO, catcher, third base wherever they needed me to play, miss Carney Park where we played, Teams like CCC, COPA A Team and so on. I loved the place, worked in crash crew. Anyone been there??????
Anonymous @ 2017-01-19 03:01:23
Anonymous pictureJacoby Shaddix's House (Former)
Former home, was sold in 2014
Anonymous @ 2017-01-18 21:17:45
Anonymous pictureYamaguchi-gumi's Headquarters
Uh, anonymous users cant post links. Anyway, if you want to find the real Yak headquartes it is directly across the river from the Ashiya Community Center. I live near there and that's how I know.
Anonymous @ 2017-01-18 21:10:41
Anonymous pictureYamaguchi-gumi's Headquarters
Yes, they got the place wrong. It's not what is shown here.

Anonymous @ 2017-01-17 20:39:52
Anonymous pictureAllied Forces Southern Europe (AFSOUTH)
Just found this web site and reading some of the remarks is really amazing. Was a Radioman stationed at AFSOUTH at COMSUBFLOT8 which then got changed to COMSUBGRU8. Was there from 1972 until 1974. Had a villa offbase which I shared with 2 other guys. Still keep in touch with 2guys from there. Had great times living the 2 years there but didn't extend as that command was losing men and not replacing them so went from 4 shifts down to 3. Several of us decided just to leave and got orders to...
jdubble07 @ 2017-01-17 16:26:21
jdubble07 pictureGraham & Lauren Edwards' House
The home was rented by Linda Hogan, ex-wife of Hulk Hogan, from 2009-2010.
Anonymous @ 2017-01-15 21:59:09
Anonymous pictureF-16 at base of a tower at China Lake Naval Weapons Center
those 2 towers are for hanging objects ....they fire missles to set the FUSE distances....the plane is a wire mesh skeleton they hang.
PANDA @ 2017-01-15 04:13:32
PANDA pictureD#1 Missile Annex A
Any idea what the four sites just to the south(1 mile)???
Anonymous @ 2017-01-15 03:52:48
Anonymous pictureRon McMackin's House
New owners are William Chiu and Tracy Hou.
Anonymous @ 2017-01-13 16:44:33
Anonymous pictureLockheed C-141B Starlifter
Aircraft 64-0626 was last stationed at McGuire afb new jersey. I should know because I was the crewchief when it landed at dover and discovered a crack in the landing gear. That's how it ended up at dover afb.
Anonymous @ 2017-01-13 07:01:56
Anonymous picture'Tirranna' by Frank Lloyd Wright
It is on sale.
Anonymous @ 2017-01-12 11:50:43
Anonymous pictureGene Autry's House (former)
This home has been sold to Survivor host Jeff Probst.
Anonymous @ 2017-01-12 05:31:02
Anonymous pictureGary Sinise's House (former)
This is Steve and Vanessa Alexander's house, who are now selling it, for $12,995,000.
Anonymous @ 2017-01-11 10:59:12
Anonymous pictureAllied Forces Southern Europe (AFSOUTH)
Second comment. I was there from 1970-1972. Worked in Tunnel 4. was a crypto repairman.

Someone in an earlier post said that the Flamingo Club burned down. I thought the Flamingo Club was the large building with the rounded roof in the picture here. Looking at the picture, I don't see any other area that could have held the club.

But, hey, it has been 46 years since I was there!!

If any of you were stationed with me drop me a line at ...