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jbottero @ 2015-10-17 15:19:35
jbottero pictureSunrise Hospital
Anonymous @ 2015-10-16 20:09:38
Anonymous pictureAllied Forces Southern Europe (AFSOUTH)
alan, as far as the "haunted" buildings at AFSOUTH, that was just BS. I remember the "bloods stains" in the HQ buildings. I was roving ptl at nights I also remember the mid-rats! All good stuff.
Anonymous @ 2015-10-16 12:38:21
Anonymous pictureBoxing Glove Shaped Pool
I use to drive by this all the time in the early eighties going to Logan Heights. Always thought it was cool.
pmoore66 @ 2015-10-14 08:05:29
pmoore66 picture'Pearlroth House' by Andrew Geller
kjfitz @ 2015-10-14 05:43:57
kjfitz pictureTai Lopez's House
Welcome to VGT. Be sure not to mix Bing thumbnails with Google URLs. Thanks!
andy @ 2015-10-13 11:17:19
andy pictureBrian Jones' House (former)
Brian wasn't a co-founder of the Rolling Stones he was THE founder,he recruited Mick and Keith along with Dick Taylor from the Blue Boys.Dick soon left and later formed the Pretty Things. Brian named the band The Rolling Stones and replaced Taylor with Bill Wyman
andy @ 2015-10-13 11:08:18
andy pictureKeith Richards' House
The Rolling Stones were founded by Brian Jones not Keith or Mick.
Anonymous @ 2015-10-13 07:24:09
Anonymous pictureFormer NSA Naples
Stationed at the USNH Naples 1968-1970. When I first arrived the corpsmen lived in an apartment building on Via Carravaggio not too far from Giovanni's (bar). Then we moved to NSA complex's new enlisted barracks. Some fine memories of Naples. Started a Facebook group - US Naval Hospital Naples Italy if there are any corpsmen, nurses, or doctors interested.
Anonymous @ 2015-10-13 06:45:35
Anonymous pictureFort Monckton
Pity about the civvy mistake. It,s either HMS Alliance or the Alliance, not the Her Majestys Ship Alliance!
jdubble07 @ 2015-10-12 16:40:40
jdubble07 pictureBrittney Spears' House
Purchased by Britney Spears on 9 OCT 2015 for a reported $7.4M.
jbottero @ 2015-10-11 14:15:35
jbottero pictureFormer Braddan Halt
Outstanding, I'm a HUGE rail fan. Too bad rail in The United States sucks.
mlc1us @ 2015-10-11 09:43:08
mlc1us picture2015 Tianjin explosion (August 12, 2015)
GM imagery now shows explosion damage.
Drudii @ 2015-10-11 06:04:46
Drudii pictureFormer Gob-y-Deigan Halt
@jbottero - A halt is a small station that trains don't stop at, unless there are people standing on the platform or someone on the train need to get off there. A usually only has one platform and a small waiting shelter.
jbottero @ 2015-10-10 17:56:44
jbottero pictureFormer Gob-y-Deigan Halt
Can I assume that a "halt" is a train stop with a building of some sort?
Anonymous @ 2015-10-10 07:59:06
Anonymous pictureDallas Cowboys Practice Facility
Destroyed by a thunderstorm on May 2, 2009.
Anonymous @ 2015-10-09 08:27:49
Anonymous pictureForest Haven asylum
I have a documentary project for school and my group and I want to do it about Forest Haven and film there. Is it considered trespassing to go on the grounds? We just want to film our project there and not get arrested. Where would you park and hike through the woods. Would the guards give us problems or call the police? Also how safe is it? We'd be going during the day not at night, is it safe? Also anything else safety or getting in that would be important to know?
Anonymous @ 2015-10-08 10:12:26
Anonymous pictureGrant Hill's House (Former)
This house is now owned by Dan Majerle. Former Phoenix Sun and Current head coach of Grand Canyon University
tallturtle82 @ 2015-10-08 09:30:19
tallturtle82 pictureHermann Göring residence
Carinhall was actually dynamited on April 28, 1945 at Göring's orders. This is the entrance and front gate.
SpiderX22 @ 2015-10-06 21:24:27
SpiderX22 pictureTexas Air National Guard F-16 Landing
Pretty sure it's an F-16. Not sure what it's called, but the fin on the back, F-15 has 2, F-16 has 1, like seen here.
pmoore66 @ 2015-10-06 16:03:48
pmoore66 pictureOpus Hong Kong by Frank Gehry
Anonymous @ 2015-10-06 11:33:55
Anonymous pictureTexas Air National Guard F-16 Landing
It's F-15 not an f-16
skyeye @ 2015-10-05 16:26:54
skyeye pictureFive College Radio Astronomical Observatory
The observatory is gone. The Google Maps view now shows an empty field. Operations have moved to New Mexico, one hears.
Anonymous @ 2015-10-05 11:19:24
Anonymous pictureFox Hollow Farm
We enjoy their company.
Anonymous @ 2015-10-04 15:40:07
Anonymous pictureBismarck Tower Augsburg
we lived in a two family house within walking (a long walk) to go to the hill. There was a guesthouse house in front of our apt. a lady by the name of Helga and her husband owned the restaurant. we could watch the people on the hill from our living room window. from there we moved into housing.
jbottero @ 2015-10-03 17:21:29
jbottero pictureThe Gates of Hell
This would make an awesome addition to my mausoleum.
jbottero @ 2015-10-03 17:19:06
jbottero picture'The Sun' by Dale Chihuly
Dale Chihuly sketches things now and then but has not blown any glass in years. Many of his prints are created and signed by "assistants".

However, the Tacoma Museum of Glass is a great evening, there are always artists in the "hot shop" making art, and you can go in and watch.
Anonymous @ 2015-10-03 14:26:49
Anonymous pictureChris Isaak's House
He lives on the beach south of sf in a wonderful spot i would not discose for a million bucks.
He bought the property from a friends mom.
Anonymous @ 2015-10-02 23:51:27
Anonymous pictureGuilford Glazer's House
I worked on the team that designed this home under the direction of architect Fred Briggs. If appears amazing from the outside, its even more amazing on the interior. Built on the site of the old Dean Martin estate.
Anonymous @ 2015-10-01 15:40:19
Anonymous pictureMick Jagger's House
The Rolling Stones were founded by Brian Jones.
Anonymous @ 2015-09-30 16:21:29
Anonymous pictureMS-70L Nike missile site
I was stationed here June 1968 to May 1969
Anonymous @ 2015-09-29 18:55:56
Anonymous picturePatricia Heaton's House (Former)
Patricia Heaton no longer owns this house.
KRL @ 2015-09-29 07:43:59
KRL pictureArmed SAM Site
Clearer imagery showing two TEL's in launch position; S-300's.
tallturtle82 @ 2015-09-28 07:12:39
tallturtle82 pictureTre Cime di Lavaredo
Anonymous @ 2015-09-27 16:52:56
Anonymous pictureLuis Castillo's house
Great house.
jbottero @ 2015-09-27 16:25:44
jbottero pictureGiant Arachnids at Seattle Center
Anonymous @ 2015-09-27 14:07:00
Anonymous pictureGeorge Washington's Birthplace
He was born in Westmoreland County, Virginia.
jim1944 @ 2015-09-27 12:14:54
jim1944 pictureYuba Goldfields Dredge No. 17
As a boy my father took me fishing in the ponds of water created by the dredger. Huge hills of rock bigger than a large potato were everywhere.
In the late evenings the dredger was lite up and you could hear the dredger digging and creaking loudly, it looked and sounded like a monster.
Anonymous @ 2015-09-27 12:00:23
Anonymous pictureAgnes Moorehead's House (former)
the original house is still there. it wasnt knocked down.
Anonymous @ 2015-09-26 18:32:20
Anonymous pictureSubmarine Escape Training Tower (SETT - HMS Dolphin)
SETT completed 1953 ,commissioned 1954 q
jbottero @ 2015-09-25 15:39:24
jbottero picture'Lovejoy Fountain Park' by Halprin and Associates
I grew up in Portland in the 1970's and played at this fountain several times a week. When I was older, I smoked a lot of weed here as well... A different time. For a while in the 70's and 80's you could smoke weed in the park and no one cared. Than came the "War On Drugs" and that deal was over...
chaswatson @ 2015-09-25 11:41:57
chaswatson picture"Traffic Light Tree", by Pierre Vivant
The 'traffic light tree' is no longer at this location. It has been moved to the east to the roundabout at the eastern entrance to Billingsgate market.
chaswatson @ 2015-09-25 11:39:36
chaswatson pictureSS Robin - Oldest complete steam coaster
SS Robin is now located in the Royal Victoria Dock opposite the ExCel Exhibition Centre. The ship is also on a pontoon/barge so is no longer afloat.
chaswatson @ 2015-09-25 06:16:34
chaswatson pictureThe Lightship 'LV 95'
The ship, "LV 93", has moved from this location, which is tidal, to the Royal Victoria Dock which is locked.
jbottero @ 2015-09-24 21:54:15
jbottero pictureBassel al-Assad International Airport
Russian jets taking up residence.
KRL @ 2015-09-24 08:03:45
KRL pictureMina (Temporary accommodation of Mecca)
Anonymous @ 2015-09-23 17:12:42
Anonymous pictureB52 at Paine Field in Everett, WA
can the B-52 be viewed by the public?
Anonymous @ 2015-09-23 07:30:22
Anonymous pictureJonathan Cain's House
House has since been sold within the past year I believe, due to his divorce from his long-time wife.
jbottero @ 2015-09-22 13:15:13
jbottero pictureFiltered Solomon Island beach
The linked shortened Google Map link is the same as the Thumb link.
KRL @ 2015-09-22 12:11:18
KRL pictureUnoccupied SAM SA300 site
Now Armed. Two central radar mounds & a mast antenna at north end of compound. Four TEL's in position.
chaswatson @ 2015-09-21 07:53:39
chaswatson pictureQueen Elizabeth the Queen Mother
This statue is of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother who lived from 1900 - 2002. I have some photos that I will upload.
Anonymous @ 2015-09-18 18:58:27
Anonymous pictureCarney Park
Jennifer Budukiewicz - your sister was one of my best friends in 7th grade. I hope you are all well. Lisa Vierra
Anonymous @ 2015-09-18 09:00:04
Anonymous pictureAl Wajbah Fort
Impossible to visit. It is inside military zone and it is a waste of time trying to go there. You are received by a very umpleasant man with machine gun and sent back.
Anonymous @ 2015-09-16 16:21:10
Anonymous pictureSt. Volodymyr's statue
ruler of Ukraine
erected by ukrainians in Great Britain
to celebrate the establishment of
christianity in Ukraine by St. Volodymyr
Anonymous @ 2015-09-16 09:34:34
Anonymous pictureGeorge & Carol Kondos's House
Awesome people both personal and professional.
Very generous people who donate to so many different charities.
Anonymous @ 2015-09-15 19:02:11
Anonymous picture1938 Yosemite TWA crash

KRL @ 2015-09-15 07:32:47
KRL pictureChinese outpost on Subi Reef
Attached news article. Recent imagery shows numerous ships and active dredging.
tallturtle82 @ 2015-09-14 13:41:41
tallturtle82 pictureCommando Memorial
Direct link for a closer look:,-4.9440007,3a,75y,319.3h,94.4t/data=!3m8!1e1!3m6!1s-yqOYPGI_khw%2FVVr7hhSwaII%2FAAAAAAAAJXU%2F16ifQwMmWmU!2e4!3e11!!7i10240!8i5120
pmoore66 @ 2015-09-13 18:45:26
pmoore66 picture'Ali-Frazier' by Richard Serra
Anonymous @ 2015-09-12 11:45:22
Anonymous pictureEmmett Till - Glendora Gin
this is the true location of where the death of Emmett Till was carried out by Roy Bryant and J.W. Miliam, in J.W. Miliam's back yard barn
Anonymous @ 2015-09-12 01:42:17
Anonymous pictureAlan Purwin's house (Deceased)
Alan Purwin died on Friday 11 September 2015, when his plane crashed in the Colombian Andes. One other person died in the crash, and a third one was injured. Alan Purwin was involved in the production in Colombia of the Tom Cruise film Mena.
Anonymous @ 2015-09-10 07:17:45
Anonymous picturePI-36L Nike missile site
While the launch site itself was completely destroyed, the control room still exists behind a well hidden door in the woods of Oak Hollow Park.
Anonymous @ 2015-09-10 01:03:35
Anonymous pictureSuge Knight's House (former)
Yes, it IS Suge's house used in Casino
Anonymous @ 2015-09-09 18:43:13
Anonymous pictureCentury 21 Speedway
I worked there as a kid, we lived north of the track and had a great time. My brothers and I would spend every weekend there working concessions. The spring nationals were there one year with Don Garlits, Gene Snow, "the snowman" and many others. We also had pit tickets allowing us to get up close and personal with the drivers. We also watched the Oval races, sprint cars and figure 8 racing. Larry Dacan was big in the Oval racing. So many memories it's hard to know where to...
Anonymous @ 2015-09-09 14:31:30
Anonymous pictureProto - Former NATO Allied Forces Europe Southern Europe (AFSOUTH) underground HQ
I worked at Proto in Tech Control from it. 24 on 72 off. GREAT place to work. I remember mid-rats and eating with the Italians in Tropo. Man they made good food, and they always had wine and espresso. Would go back to duty wide awake and slightly buzzed! wonderful memories of Difiore, WO Simone and others!
LancelotLink @ 2015-09-09 09:50:12
LancelotLink pictureGiant dog mural
Mural done by 'Boe' & 'Irony'
Anonymous @ 2015-09-08 14:50:29
Anonymous pictureCarney Park
Jennifer Budukiewicz here. I lived in Arco Felice from 1971 - 1975. My Dad was Air Force and stationed at AFSOUTH. He was the NCO Club manager.
Anonymous @ 2015-09-05 17:24:24
Anonymous pictureSing Sing Death House (former)
This is an update to my comment from 2014-05-10. The building appears to have been given a new roof since the last satellite photos were taken. Some of the structural detail I mentioned is no longer visible.
Anonymous @ 2015-09-05 09:42:58
Anonymous pictureLily Safra's House (Villa La Leopolda)
Now that Google updated its imagery, perhaps it's time to update the thumbnails.
jdubble07 @ 2015-09-04 10:02:27
jdubble07 pictureVolcano House
It's the former home of actor and TV personality, Huell Howser.
Anonymous @ 2015-09-02 17:37:25
Anonymous pictureOprah Winfrey's House
This is not Oprah's House. It is owned by her former makeup artist, Roosevelt Cartwright.
Anonymous @ 2015-09-02 12:00:03
Anonymous pictureFish sculpture
Recently visited here. I was told the fish statue is where everyone takes their pictures. Yet there was no plaque or sign attributing to this statue's background.
Anonymous @ 2015-09-02 11:23:19
Anonymous pictureAllied Forces Southern Europe (AFSOUTH)
any body remember ray leblanc, chuck Alcott. they were there in 1970
Anonymous @ 2015-09-02 09:17:56
Anonymous picture"Sweet Miss Lillian" Douglas A-26C Invader
I was a crew member on Sweet Miss Lillian, 22 missions over North Korea, also
the last mission just minutes before the cease fire.

Anonymous @ 2015-09-01 05:53:34
Anonymous pictureDominick DeVito's House
Dominick DeVito seems to have some really beautiful properties in CT, FL, NY, etc.
Anonymous @ 2015-08-31 16:24:03
Anonymous picturePierre Omidyar's House
he owns it .. but doesn't live here anymore.
KRL @ 2015-08-31 08:18:03
KRL pictureKsiąż Castle
News story of Nazi Gold Train buried near this castle:
Anonymous @ 2015-08-30 09:25:39
Anonymous pictureRadar Site 4
I think maybe it has been covered by computer vegetation, unless the granite over by the old staircase has turned into a forest.
Anonymous @ 2015-08-30 09:03:23
Anonymous pictureGraffitied abandoned mill
What was the building originally used for?
Dania @ 2015-08-27 18:25:50
Dania pictureCanadair CL-44-O Guppy "Skymonster" (9G-LCA)
Is in list but didn't show up at entry.
Dania @ 2015-08-27 17:07:50
Dania pictureGrumman-Bethpage Airport (abandoned)

Pilot killed after traffic control directed him to the airfield where he tried to land.

The airfield can be seen in Google Earth history layer 1994.
kjfitz @ 2015-08-25 13:58:41
kjfitz pictureLe Studio
Welcome to VGT!
Xeba73 @ 2015-08-24 10:22:24
Xeba73 picture'Davis House' by Frank Gehry
Anonymous @ 2015-08-24 08:44:45
Anonymous pictureFreddie Starr's House
Freddie starr after losing his defamation case has since moved to spain and no longer resides in the U.K.
SpiderX22 @ 2015-08-23 20:19:59
SpiderX22 pictureTurkmenistan Airlines Boeing 757 - Landing at Birmingham Airport
Just got back to working on my airlines in flight file. Nice find!
thomasmossy @ 2015-08-23 16:43:51
thomasmossy pictureBoris Becker's finca
No longer lives here.
thomasmossy @ 2015-08-23 16:42:53
thomasmossy pictureDaniel Radcliffe's house
No longer lives here.
Anonymous @ 2015-08-23 14:13:58
Anonymous pictureHammon's Root Beer Mug
Wasn't there a drive in place to get good food on route 30 going into Valpo. It served great steak sandwiches. Would love to get back up there and buy one. Joe
Anonymous @ 2015-08-22 20:39:34
Anonymous picturePort of Lamu
This undated 2015 image shows that a construction road has been cut thru Kiliana, thru the mangroves to the open water.This will become the first 3 berths for the new port of Lamu.
Anonymous @ 2015-08-22 11:08:23
Anonymous pictureHeather Dubrow's House
You can replace the image since the house appears in the Google satellite image when the 45° view is disabled.
Anonymous @ 2015-08-21 19:29:57
Anonymous pictureAllied Forces Southern Europe (AFSOUTH)
I was stationed AFSOUTH 1974-1977 and went to club off base called Castle which was Navy I think. Also out at Pinetamare was a club called Driftwood which was ran by a retired US Navy Chief. What happened to the Driftwood and the retired Chief?
Anonymous @ 2015-08-21 19:25:10
Anonymous pictureAllied Forces Southern Europe (AFSOUTH)
what happened to the club called Castle which was off base?
Anonymous @ 2015-08-21 10:10:47
Anonymous pictureFrancesco Gaetano Caltagirone's House
This is the so-called Villa dei Tre Orologi.
Anonymous @ 2015-08-21 01:12:03
Anonymous pictureForest Haven asylum
Okay Im having a hard time figuring out how exactly to get to this place as when I got there.
there was a fence with a sign that said National Guard Youth. Now Im wondering if Im at the right place to
get to the asylum or if im missing the asylum completly. Can somebody thats been there help out with directions pls?
jdubble07 @ 2015-08-20 10:29:39
jdubble07 pictureSilence of the Lambs - Jame "Buffalo Bill" Gumb's house
Listed for sale in 2015 ror $300,000.
Anonymous @ 2015-08-20 04:19:36
Anonymous pictureArthur Bilger' house
This seems to be another house designed by Ricardo Legorreta.
Anonymous @ 2015-08-20 04:18:42
Anonymous pictureDean McKillen's house
This house has been demolished and a new structure seems to be appearing on the lot.
Anonymous @ 2015-08-19 15:30:28
Anonymous pictureWilliam Belzberg's House (deceased)
Mr. William Belzberg is the brother of Sam Belzberg, not his son. William Belzberg died peacefully at his home in April 2014.
Anonymous @ 2015-08-19 14:35:17
Anonymous pictureBeny Alagem's house
It is the former property of David Murdock but the house itself was built in 2005 for Beny Alagem and his family. He bought the property in the early 2000s from Murdock and tore down the 1920s house that sat on the land to build this house.
jdubble07 @ 2015-08-19 08:25:06
jdubble07 pictureBill & Hillary Clinton's Rental House
They're renting the property again for their 2015 summer vacation.
Anonymous @ 2015-08-19 07:28:12
Anonymous pictureAlex Winitsky's House (former)
This house was demolished. Has the owner changed?