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jdubble07 @ 2016-01-06 13:47:48
jdubble07 pictureNorth Korea Detonates Hydrogen Bomb Causing Earthquake (5 JAN 2016)
Anonymous @ 2016-01-06 10:51:00
Anonymous picture132 and Bush ("Cops")
Are you sure? I thought it was 132nd ave. and Busch Blvd in Tampa.
KRL @ 2016-01-06 07:59:29
KRL pictureNew Airstrip - Fiery Cross Reef
Planes now being landed on airstrip. New satellite image at link:
Anonymous @ 2016-01-06 07:42:17
Anonymous pictureNorth Korea Detonates Hydrogen Bomb Causing Earthquake (5 JAN 2016)
Coordinates above are ~2.5km northwest of Wikipedia's, and ~3.15km northwest of USGS'
mlc1us @ 2016-01-05 08:52:56
mlc1us pictureChip Wilson's House
Assessed value of new home is $63.8 million, most expensive in B.C. (link above)
jdubble07 @ 2016-01-04 11:27:18
jdubble07 pictureGilbert Haroche's House
Originally the home of Iphigene Sulzberger, who's father was Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, who became publisher of The New York Times in 1963.

The estate is currently on the market for $75M.
Anonymous @ 2016-01-03 03:04:58
Anonymous pictureSigma Chi - Constantine Chapter Memorial
After driving by it for 37 years I've always wondered what was the history behind it.It's a beautiful landmark.Thank You for sharing this.
Anonymous @ 2016-01-02 07:30:24
Anonymous pictureAllied Forces Southern Europe (AFSOUTH)
Spesso ancora adesso chiudo gli occhi e sogno di essere nella base. Nella base sono cresciuta, negli anno '80 ho avuto il mio più grande amore della mia vita e pagherei qualunque cosa per tornare a quei tempi. i love Afsouth, for ever in my heart.
Anonymous @ 2016-01-02 00:01:59
Anonymous picture10 Sided Brick House
I spent a lot of time in this house as a child. I'm glad to see it has earned a small amount of Internet fame. Beautiful and unique house with amazing history
Anonymous @ 2016-01-01 05:53:56
Anonymous pictureLockheed Electra Crash - Rea Point
The crash was terrible but the attempted reduce was a disaster with plenty of blame to pass around. The radio controll tower was another trailer on top of a trailer that was suspiciously unresponsive when PAB was o. It's finally approach. Could it have been been that someone was more concerned with being first in line for the midnight supper than waiting for the plane to land? Those waiting in the pickup and loader to unload freight heard PAB to control six mies out and again PAB to...
Anonymous @ 2016-01-01 01:42:32
Anonymous pictureHushang Ansary's House
Former home of former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling (still in prison).
Anonymous @ 2015-12-31 05:07:09
Anonymous pictureManitoba Centennial Centre
What date did the Centennial Concert Hall open?
chaswatson @ 2015-12-31 02:37:06
chaswatson pictureNational Maritime Museum
The building shown in the thumbnail is the Queen's House. The main NMM building is to the south west.
Anonymous @ 2015-12-30 18:57:39
Anonymous picturePlantation in North Texas
It's about 25yrs old. I know the family (Collins) personally.
mlc1us @ 2015-12-30 07:26:21
mlc1us picture"HA-HA ROAD"
@chaswatson Thank you! Especially for the link. I had no idea ha-ha meant anything other than laughter.
chaswatson @ 2015-12-30 07:17:02
chaswatson picture"HA-HA ROAD"
I have uploaded a photo of the 'Ha-Ha' in Ha-Ha Road and added a link to the Wikipedia definition of a 'Ha-Ha'.
Anonymous @ 2015-12-28 20:40:55
Anonymous pictureJody Scheckter's House
1979 World Champion
jdubble07 @ 2015-12-28 06:04:33
jdubble07 pictureTom Cruise's House
Listed for sale as of December 2015 for £4.95M.
Anonymous @ 2015-12-27 10:43:51
Anonymous pictureFormer NSA Naples
My typo mistake: I was at NAS Naples from 10/1967 (NOT 1997) to July 1970
Anonymous @ 2015-12-27 10:41:37
Anonymous pictureFormer NSA Naples
I was the Assistant Navy Exchange Officer at NSA Naples from October 1997 to July 1970, when the Exchange was in Agnano. I would love to reconnect with other Navy guys who were there during that time, including Jack McDonald (I relieved him), Mike Comerford (Engineer), Tony Webb (Special Services officer), and others (having a senior moment).
Morgan S. "Mike" Bragg (
Anonymous @ 2015-12-26 20:49:08
Anonymous pictureForest Haven asylum
I'm really confused on how to get there I mean me and my friends got to forest haven and there lots of construction and I'm pretty sure there were police we could see it from the road but u had to go past a guy to check your car or something? Idk I could definitely see it we just didn't know how to get over to it without walking threw the woods . Is there a different route to take to actually get there ?
Anonymous @ 2015-12-26 09:43:42
Anonymous pictureAllied Forces Southern Europe (AFSOUTH)
I was stationed at ALFSE, in 1954-1956, when our barracks was located in the Grilli Hotel, in Naples,
next to the train station. We moved to Bagnoli in July of 1954. Half of the base was still being built. What I see now, wasn't there. At first we stayed in the building,south of Building B and finally moved to the barracks behind Building B. The movie theater was southeast was the barracks. We werre on the second floor of the southside of the building. I don"t remember the building...
jbottero @ 2015-12-25 17:10:45
jbottero pictureFire at Bill Clinton's Birthplace - 25 Dec 2015
I'm sure the building isn't all crooked like that, strange camera thing.
jbottero @ 2015-12-25 15:02:40
jbottero pictureBill Clinton's Birthplace
jdubble07 @ 2015-12-24 06:30:00
jdubble07 pictureBarack Obama's Vacation Home
The Obama family is renting this home again for Christmas 2015.
Anonymous @ 2015-12-23 11:43:40
Anonymous pictureJimmy Page House (Boleskine House)
Destroyed by a fire Dec 23rd, 2015.
Anonymous @ 2015-12-22 19:22:36
Anonymous pictureCarney Park
stationed at AFSOUTH 1970-72. Went many times to Carney park. Outdoor/Drive-in Movie, Baseball,football and handball courts. Was on staff of COMSUBFLOT8 which no longer exists. Lived at Licola (beach) off base.many good memories of my 2 1/2 years in Italy.
Anonymous @ 2015-12-22 09:28:28
Anonymous pictureFormer NSA Naples
I was in Naples on AD-ON-SITE Component out of CTF-63 1978-1980 when decommissioned. Naples then was a blast.
Later stationed at NAVSUPPACT Naples from 1985-1988. The big mud-slide blocked via Scarfoglio for two days when the side of the hill came down. Squeeze alley was opened up enlarging it to prevent the massive back-ups that occurred.
jdubble07 @ 2015-12-22 08:07:16
jdubble07 pictureTommy Mottola's house (Former)
Sold in July 2012 for $6,534,500.
Anonymous @ 2015-12-19 03:30:19
Anonymous pictureSheldon Adelson's House
If you scroll down the street, you'll see his new house, which looks more like a hotel. It's reportedly over 48,000 square feet.
Anonymous @ 2015-12-18 22:18:23
Anonymous pictureJonathan Butler's House (former)
Jonathan Butler was foreclosed upon and no longer lives in this house. I've gotten this information from Ventura County Tax Records:

Foreclosure (NOD)
(Default Amount)
Owner: Jonathan Butler
Anonymous @ 2015-12-18 22:13:21
Anonymous pictureAlyssa Milano's House
She just completed an addition to her house, her house is now 7676 square feet.
Anonymous @ 2015-12-17 17:22:02
Anonymous pictureBrent Mydland’s House (former)
This isn't correct! His house was on My Road, Lafayette. Not Sky Ln and Brown Ave.
Anonymous @ 2015-12-17 10:58:39
Anonymous pictureAvery Putter's House
Beautiful house Avery Putter! How is the commodities business?
jdubble07 @ 2015-12-17 06:20:56
jdubble07 pictureMonica Seles' House (Former)
Sold in late 2015 for $1.4M.
KRL @ 2015-12-16 08:28:07
KRL pictureHpakan Jade Mining
jdubble07 @ 2015-12-16 06:25:10
jdubble07 pictureThomas Girardi & Erika Jayne's House
Girardi is married to singer Erika Jayne, who now appears on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
Anonymous @ 2015-12-15 16:11:37
Anonymous pictureDon Smith Collection
Would love to see the Don Smith collection. How would I go about that.
tallturtle82 @ 2015-12-15 13:43:10
tallturtle82 pictureStarfire Optical Range
This facility experiments laser technology.
Anonymous @ 2015-12-15 05:02:07
Anonymous pictureOxbow lake
Anonymous @ 2015-12-14 12:24:50
Anonymous pictureRoman Abramovich's House
A beautiful house. And it can finally be seen at the 45° angle!
Anonymous @ 2015-12-14 10:15:55
Anonymous pictureEminem's House
Anonymous @ 2015-12-14 08:36:28
Anonymous pictureSlobodan Zivojinovic's House
His wife, turbofolk singer Lepa Brena, is even more famous than him, probably, in their homeland.
alihoward @ 2015-12-12 14:07:16
alihoward pictureEric Singer's House
wow this is a really great view of Eric Singer's house he is my fave drummer
Anonymous @ 2015-12-11 23:29:11
Anonymous pictureTom Izzo's House
Terrific looking house.
sirchristopherleefan @ 2015-12-11 04:48:11
sirchristopherleefan pictureChristopher Lee's House (Former)
I miss Christopher Lee such a charming actor full of humour and wit. i would to meet his wife Gitte and daughter Christina one day.
Anonymous @ 2015-12-11 04:28:27
Anonymous pictureGilbert S. Kahn's house (Former)
Mr Kahn died in 2010. The house was sold by his son in 2015 to a California based Limited Partnership for 15 mil. But as of December 2015 it is listed for sale at $21 mil.

I can't post links, however, the story is available by googling "237 ruggles ave newport ri"
tallturtle82 @ 2015-12-09 08:46:43
tallturtle82 picturePlethora of missiles
Plethora is a great word... always makes me think of El Guapo. Well done.
KRL @ 2015-12-09 07:28:10
KRL pictureDiamond Mine
Closure of this mine announced. Aerial photo at attached link:
jdubble07 @ 2015-12-09 07:16:41
jdubble07 pictureNeil Young's House
Sold to Men's Warehouse founder, George Zimmer for $20M.
Anonymous @ 2015-12-08 23:35:20
Anonymous pictureEazy-E's House (former)
Jerry heller was his neighbor and dr dre lived across the street
Bg knoccout
Anonymous @ 2015-12-08 16:36:53
Anonymous pictureBurt Reynolds' House
House sold September, 2015 for 3.3 million.
jbottero @ 2015-12-07 21:09:43
jbottero pictureJoseph Paxton Bust
Hah! Blurred.
tallturtle82 @ 2015-12-07 10:51:54
tallturtle82 pictureEl Palo Alto (tree)
This tree is also knows as the Stanford Tree.
Anonymous @ 2015-12-05 12:27:30
Anonymous pictureBilly Joel's house
This house is on sale.
Anonymous @ 2015-12-05 09:43:14
Anonymous pictureBilly Joel's House
This house is on sale.
Anonymous @ 2015-12-04 18:29:25
Anonymous pictureCarney Park
I was in Aviano but used to play in Carney Park when we went there to play. Stayed in the camping area in cabins there. 89-93
Anonymous @ 2015-12-04 11:03:52
Anonymous pictureForest Haven asylum
Was there today! Visited around noon for hour & half.
The trail is well ponder down & clear to get there. You will see the rock/brick fire place within a minute of walking on your right. Only like 7 min walk to get to first building.
I will return at night time as I think it will be a whole different experience. Does def look like squatters & druggies hang out there. Was 2 sitting in road in front of main building when I got there. No trouble tho. Just greeted &...
Anonymous @ 2015-12-04 09:21:31
Anonymous picturePI-36L Nike missile site
The Night missile launch site is gone and there is a housing complex there but..... in the summertime people's grass is growing in orange and gray which I find very amusing ....especially two of the four houses that were built directly over the missile storage sites. my father was a missile master at Oakdale and this was one of the bases he was in charge of !!! I knew this site and the launch control across the turnpike like the back of my hand !!! It's funny to me now that the Army would let...
Anonymous @ 2015-12-04 06:59:58
Anonymous picture1960 A.J. Watson Dowgard Special Indy Car
This car is a nice replica (tribute car). The original resides in the Southwest.
jdubble07 @ 2015-12-03 11:35:54
jdubble07 pictureKumar Malavalli's house
Listed for sale for $88M.
jdubble07 @ 2015-12-03 06:07:24
jdubble07 pictureRae Dawn Chong's House (former)
Currently owned by TV director Michelle MacLaren who has the home listed for sale.
mlc1us @ 2015-12-02 21:26:49
mlc1us picturePrompto Oil Headquarters
Welcome to VGT!
mlc1us @ 2015-12-02 14:22:28
mlc1us pictureMass Shooting at Inland Regional Center (2 DEC 2015)
Street View imagery -
pmoore66 @ 2015-12-02 12:24:55
pmoore66 picture'San Bernadino Medical Center' by Richard Neutra
Looks like 1700 N Waterman, SB. If you launch the street view Google maps gives an approximate address but the building is marked 1700
Anonymous @ 2015-12-02 12:06:52
Anonymous picture'San Bernadino Medical Center' by Richard Neutra
Do you happen to know the address of this clinic??
Anonymous @ 2015-12-02 12:01:44
Anonymous pictureDead goat
Not anylonger there
KRL @ 2015-12-02 10:00:21
KRL pictureDiavik Diamond Mine
jdubble07 @ 2015-12-01 13:10:06
jdubble07 pictureJeff Feinberg's House
Being rented by Mariah Carey for $10,000/mo while filming a Hallmark Christmas movie in Malibu, as of November 2015.
Anonymous @ 2015-11-30 23:55:15
Anonymous pictureBalthazar Getty's house
Is this the house Joe Jonas is renting?
Anonymous @ 2015-11-30 11:44:07
Anonymous picture"Sweet Miss Lillian" Douglas A-26C Invader
I have a picture of Ms Lillian on my desk with my Father Lt. R.E. Parfitt standing next to her. He flew her as a night attack aircraft in Korea.
Anonymous @ 2015-11-27 14:31:44
Anonymous pictureCarney Park
I lived in Avelino 1976 to 1980, and went to FSHS 9th through 12th grade. Wouldn't trade even 1 memory! Every day was a new adventure. Loved Carney Park! Margaret Rexroad Webb.
Anonymous @ 2015-11-27 06:10:37
Anonymous picturePark Overall's House (Former)
She now lives near her hometown of Greeneville, Tennessee
MaggieGawf @ 2015-11-25 13:01:35
MaggieGawf pictureFormer NSA Naples
Does anyone have the pic of Humpty Dumpty in the hospital with the uniformed Naval Officer giving her flowers? I have been looking for years and I can trade you another HD pic. grazie!
KRL @ 2015-11-25 07:35:37
KRL pictureBlue Origin spacecraft hangar and launchpad
Anonymous @ 2015-11-24 14:48:23
Anonymous picture'The Palace' by Wallace Cunningham
This home is owned by Jack White, which I believe is same Jack White of Ballast Point Brewery (e.g. Sculpen IPA) that is being bought by Constellation Brands for $1 billion at end of 2015.
KRL @ 2015-11-24 06:47:55
KRL pictureKarowe Diamond Mine
Anonymous @ 2015-11-23 22:28:25
Anonymous pictureFormer Barrett Class Transport USNS Upshur (T-AP-198) / Training Ship State of Maine
The Upshur was scrapped several years ago (2012?) near Brownsville, Tx
Anonymous @ 2015-11-21 23:06:28
Anonymous picturePaul Newman's House (former)
Truly one of the "Great" all american guys! I'm in the same age group and loved the same things he valued. My love of auto racing was the same passion as his. I quit driving about 45 years ago. I still find myself watching all his old movies! Never had a friend that didn't like him . . .
jbottero @ 2015-11-21 10:33:25
jbottero pictureThe Clown Motel
There's got to be a low-budget horror film in this motel someplace...
Anonymous @ 2015-11-20 02:12:07
Anonymous pictureAbdelhamid Abaaoud's (ISIS Terrorist) apartment
Anyone noticed how the immediate area doesn't have Streetview?
Anonymous @ 2015-11-19 11:28:33
Anonymous pictureCarney Park
I was stationed at AFSOUTH in Naples 77-79 and have a lot of fond memories of my stay there including Carney Park, playing football for the AFSOUTH Lions football team and coaching/officiating the high school wrestling team and The Flamingo Club. I wanted to go back and revisit it all but waited too long. Carney Park is only thing still there.
Rick Killion
mlc1us @ 2015-11-18 10:43:49
mlc1us pictureMohawk Chapel
Per instructions on Update Thumbnail page "Please do not submit Street View thumbnails for non-Street View maps. Additionally, do not submit regular Bing/Yahoo thumbnails for Street View maps."

Anonymous @ 2015-11-16 18:58:51
Anonymous pictureThe island off the USS Iwo Jima (LPH-2)
Came across your site, as part of my research into the time I spent on the Iwo Jima. I was part of the very first crew on the ship. Reporting to it while it was still under construction. I also know the island structure that you have (how did that come about?) very well, since I spent most of my tour as the tower operator, up in the island, overviewing the flight deck. If I ever get close to Texas, I'll have to stop by and take a look.
Anonymous @ 2015-11-14 23:02:51
Anonymous pictureDon Henley's House
A beautiful home... he earned it!
Anonymous @ 2015-11-14 21:08:23
Anonymous picture'Boulder Eye Clinic' by Charles Haertling
Looks like the Arizona battleship memorial.
jbottero @ 2015-11-14 17:00:22
jbottero pictureTurntable and remains of another
There seems to be some kind of test track a block or so from this roundhouse. Wonder what kind?
TROTER @ 2015-11-13 21:35:39
TROTER pictureStade de France
Note: This is a better and newer front view of the stadium.
Anonymous @ 2015-11-13 18:55:37
Anonymous pictureDolores Del Rio mural
One observation about Dolores Del Río's name of origin :
She was born Dolores Asúnsolo y López Negrete.
As per the Spanish naming usage, Asúnsolo was her father's proletarian family name, and López Negrete her mothe's aristocratic family name
Very young when she married for the first time she added her husband's more aristocratic name Martínez del Río y Viñent. Lower case d in 'del'.
And as we all know her...
Anonymous @ 2015-11-13 16:36:34
Anonymous pictureOrdnance area at Siegelsbach Army Depot
Looking for SSG Fisher from the motorpool. You were my bid wiz partner. Remember beating the supply and reup sgts. I'm in Aiken Sc
tallturtle82 @ 2015-11-13 09:22:50
tallturtle82 pictureMike Gundy's House
He's a man, he's 48!
Anonymous @ 2015-11-12 07:52:30
Anonymous pictureEminem's House
I like the privacy and pond I'd stock with bass
Anonymous @ 2015-11-12 06:36:00
Anonymous pictureOrdnance area at Siegelsbach Army Depot
I remember getting there on a cold December night in 87, I said to self wtf have I gotten myself into. 2nd Platoon was my home until departing in December 89. Made some great friends, wish I could see their faces today. I can say being stationed at the Bach and working the Hill made me love being anywhere else but there, looking into the dark foggy nights with only 5 reliefs sometimes made your mind wonder whom did you piss off back at Ft. McClellan to get stuck there.
Anonymous @ 2015-11-11 16:57:00
Anonymous pictureCamp Liberty Bell
Was stationed at Camp Liberty Bell with 1/17th, 2nd Inf. Division from August, 1971 until we moved to Camp Howse. Any other contacts from that time frame out there? Goose. (Dave Kastberg, Fitchburg, Wi)
jbottero @ 2015-11-11 15:26:22
jbottero pictureThe Seattle Gum Wall
gordonhigh @ 2015-11-11 08:31:07
gordonhigh pictureLeBron James' House
My bad - the Google Maps URL got messed up somehow. It should be fixed now. There's also a direct link in the "links" section.
Anonymous @ 2015-11-11 00:31:06
Anonymous pictureNana Mouskouri's House
A magnificent home for a wonderful performer, Nana Mouskouri. She has brought so much joy to the world, not only with her singing but her gentleness and kindness. I was so lucky to see her in Sydney this year, and was close enough to her car to wave good-bye. Thank you Nana for that wonderful performance. I am so lucky to have got to 70 and finally seen you.
Anonymous @ 2015-11-10 21:01:53
Anonymous pictureLeBron James' House
where is it? can't see it.
Anonymous @ 2015-11-10 13:29:01
Anonymous pictureLarry Bird's Home (former)
That's not the right house. You're close though...
pmoore66 @ 2015-11-08 19:34:11
pmoore66 picture'Pittman Dowell Residence' by Michael Maltzan