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Great Wall of China
Spring Temple Buddha - Tallest statue in the world
Forbidden City
Landlocked Kuznetsov-class aircraft carrier in China
Wingsuiter Jeb Corliss' daredevil jump through the crack
Lake Manasarovar
Chinese secret nuclear submarine base
Location of the Baigong Pipes
Xiaozhai Tiankeng sinkhole
Wonderland Amusement Park (abandoned)
Aksai Chin Terrain Scale Model
Lo Wu Train Station border crossing
Three Gorges Dam
Chinese outpost on Subi Reef
Strange lines on a mountain
2008 Olympics - National Stadium
Soviet Aircraft Carrier 'Varyag' sold to China
Former Russian aircraft carrier Kiev
Chinese installation on Mischief Reef
Chinese Submarine base
Entrance to Hainan underground submarine base
China Ship Scientific Research Centre's XTW-4 Ekranoplan
Eurasian Pole of Inaccessibility
Qamdo Bamda Airport
Mount Kailash: Axis Mundi: Home of Shiva
Beijing Railway Station
Statue of liberty in abandoned Chinese theme park
Chinese noodles
Great Wall of China
China Map in Beijing
Yinchuan air base super-hardened underground hangars
Potala Palace
KJ-200 Y-8 Chinese AWACS 'Balanc Beam Testbed'
Entrances to underground bunkers
Chinese rip-off of Disney Theme Park
Om Mani Padme Hum / Xianggelila / Shangrila
Atomic roundabout in Zhuhai?
Everest Base Camp Tibet
Armed HQ-2 (SA-2) missile site
Château Zhang-Laffitte... in China!
Chinese HQ-2 (SA-2) missile site
Airplane alone in the middle of nothing
Jin Mao Building
Airplane shaped pond
Underground Access
Ming class submarine at sea
Shanghai Volkswagen proving grounds
Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning
22 Fighters Chengdu Jian-7 (F-7) at Dalian Zhoushuizi Air Force Base
Yinchuan West Air Base super-hardened underground bunkers
Tiananmen Square
China first manned spaceflight launch site
Harbin SH-5 Flying Boats
Aydingkol Lake (Moonlight Lake) Glauber's Salt Evaporation Plant
Chinese turret ship Dingyuan (replica)
Two Chinese Type 094 Jin Class nuclear ballistic missile submarines
Buildings on Chigua Reef
Great Wall of China
Armed SA-2 Missile Site
Object in the open sea
Unusual Chinese test facility in the desert
Woody Island
Eiffel Tower replica at Window of the World
Unit 61398 - Chinese Cyber Spies
Chinese Long March Launch Pad
Pyramids & Sphinx at abandoned Chinese theme park
Missiles over Shanghai?
'Linked Hybrid' by Steven Holl
World map in China
2 Xian JH-7 fighters in flight
Imperial Palace of China
Dashiwei tiankeng sinkhole
Chinese maze
Chinese only Golf Class Ballistic Missile Submarine
HAN-Class Attack Sub at Jianggezhuang Underground Sub Base
Military Museum of Chinese People's Revolution
Worst traffic jam ever? (Aug 23, 2010)
Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center
'Om Mani Padme Hum' on the Tongtian River
Ilyushin IL-62
Echo Compound and Celestial Voice Platform, Temple of Heaven
Air Force Engineering University
Om Ah Ra Pa Tsa Na Dhih / Sumtseling Monastery
Largest Mall in the World (under construction)
Baitoushan volcano
Lop-Nor nuclear test area
2 ways road, but left side of the road arrive at the right side after passing under bridge
Chinese AWACs
Beijing Zoo
New Yuan Ming Yuan Palace
Ocean Interchange - Qingdao Haiwan Bridge
Harbin West railway station
What if you built a city and nobody came?
Terracotta Army Museum
Military Driving Course in Northern China
Secure Facillity near China's Jiuquan Launch Site
Epicenter of world's deadliest earthquake