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Qaddafi's Palace
US consulate Benghazi
Remains of World War II B24 bomber 'Lady be Good'
Great Man Made River Project in Libya
Libyan SA-5 / S-200 missile site
Aircraft boneyard
CIA Base Benghazi
Hottest place in the World
Port of Ras Lanuf
Okba Ben Nafi Air Base (Methega)
Roman ruins of Sabratha in Libya
Al Jufra Air Base
Ancient Roman City of Leptis Magna
More desert farming in Libya
Soviet Foxtrot-class Submarines in Libya
El Adem Airbase
Tajoura Nuclear Research Centre
Al-Bumbah North (Military Airfield in Libya)
DC-3 in the Sahara Desert
Camouflaged Lybian TU-22 Tupolev Bomber
Acre Upon Acre of Anal Retentive Trees in Libya
Qaddafi's residence
Amphitheatre of Leptis Magna
African Oasis
Traffic Circle in Tarhuna, Libya
New Found Kebira Crater Between Egypt and Libya
Bir Hakeim
Armed Libyan SA-2 missile site
Airplanes at Tripoli Airport
Afriqiyah Airways Flight 771 Crash Site
Libyan Memorial to 1986 USA Bombing in Tripoli
Al-Saraya al-Hamra
Artificial lakes
Camouflaged Dispersal Area
Gaddafi clan luxury beach compound
Libyan military base
Creative Camouflage
Tobruk airfield
Military facility with many large hangars
Armed Libyan SA-2 missile site
Big hole in the ground
Amphitheatre of Sabratha
Libyan compound middle of nowhere
Armed Libyan SA-3 missile site
Pink desert
Oil camp in Libya
Tripoli Medina (Old City)
Libya - oil/gas well flare
Armed Libyan SA-2 missile site
Boeing 707 - A Pristine Example at Tripoli Airport
Libyan SA-5 / S-200 missile site
Gaddafi Compound
Jebel Arkenu
Armed Libyan SA-3 missile site
Benghasi Benina International Airport (BEN)
German WW II Memorial
Pair of Liybian MIG-25 Foxbats
Nafura oil/gas facility
Armed Libyan SA-3 missile site
Oasis town Ghadames
Partially assembled Libyan SA-3 missile site
Tobruk World War II Cemetery
Landscaped round-about
Corinthia Bab Africa Hotel (tallest building in Libya)
Port of Tobruk
Port Marsa El Brega
Arkenu craters 1 and 2
Al Brega Refinery (3/3/2011)
Strange trace in the desert
Antonov AN-124 "Ruslan"
Gulf of Sidra
Bikku Bitti (Highest point of Libya)
Tripoli International Airport (TIP)
Libyan communications facility with very tall antennas
Al Khufrah Oasis
Possible coastal defense missile site
Ancient Roman Circus of Leptis Magna
Tripoli Zoo
Jebel Uweinat
Benghazi War Cemetery
Libyan Still Life in Real Life
Burned down houses in Libya
Gambut Airfield
Libyan MiG-25s
Seismic Lines in Libyan Desert
JW Marriott Hotel Tripoli
Armed SAM Site
Gheddafi capture place
HFB-320 "Hansa Jet"
Libyan Cliffs
Demolished SA-2 missile site
Empty Air Base
Tupolev Tu-22 "Blinder"
Temple of Zeus
Oasis Crater
Battle for Ajdabiya (3/4/2011)
Structures in Libya
Ilyushins in Libya
Az Zuwaytinah Airport