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Tsar Bomba Crater - largest nuke detonated
Black Hole in Siberia
Tsar Bomba, Biggest Nuke Ever!
24 Russian Submarines
Longest runway in the world - Ulyanovsk Vostochny Airport (ULY)
Site of Tunguska Event
"Vladimir Putin's" estate
Kola Superdeep Borehole
Residence of the President of Russia
Putin's summer residence
Russian northern nuclear test site Novaya Zemlya
Lun Missile Launcher Ekranoplan
2007-11-02 - Another sinkhole threatens Russia
Admiral Kuznetsov
Fisht Olympic Stadium
Russia's secret nuclear facility at Mt. Yamantau
Russian underground nuclear test site
Soviet Space Shuttle
Abandoned 59th GRAU arsenal
Lake Cheko (possible Tunguska Impact Crater)
Tupolev Tu-144
Mirny open-pit diamond mine
Military Vehicles (lots of them)
The Central Air Force Museum in Monino
Kozmino Bay Oil Terminal
more than 330 airplane on this Air Force Base
28 Tu-22M Backfire at Vozdvizhenka Air Force Base
Russian Delta III Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarine
Enormous Fire
Largest helicopter in the world (MIL MI-12 / V-12)
Arzamas-16 / Sarov Russian Federal Nuclear Center
Gadzhiyevo Naval Base
Russian Kiev Class aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov
Ufo Crash on Anapa Beach (2 of 2)
2 Gus, 3 Lebed & 2 Aist Russian hovercraft
Russian Oscar II submarine in drydock
Soviet submarine graveyard
Tupolev Tu-160SK "Burlak"
Two Russian Typhoon class nuclear ballistic missile submarines
Russian SSBN project 667 "Delta IV" in drydock
Black Dolphin Prison
Kondyor Massif
Radio telescope RATAN 600
High-Frequency Direction-Finding Antenna #1
2 Russian SSK Kilo-class (TYPE 877EKM) & Delta-class
Sochi Freestyle Skiing Center and Snowboard Park
Abandoned russian submarine base, Simushir Island
Chelyabinsk-65 / Ozersk Combine 817 / Production Association Mayak
Tractor factory - Battle of Stalingrad
Russian SSN type 971 Akula-class submarine
Russian Victor III class attack submarine in drydock
Kapustin Yar Cosmodrome - Nuclear Warhead Storage
Russian Foreign Intelligence (SVR) Headquarters
Gorky Park
Two Oscar I Cruise Missile Submarines
Russian Don-2NP Pill Box Radar
Red Square
Olimpiyskiy Kompleks Luzhniki Stadion
Kremlin, The
Bilibino - northernmost nuclear power plant in the world
Vitim river bridge
Russian A-135 / ABM-3 Gazzelle Anti Ballistic Missile Site (Kaliningrad)
Bolshoi Moscow Circus
Aircraft at static display at Engels Air Base
Kirishi Refinery
Abandoned Kuril Islands Air Base
Engels Air Base
Ilyushin Il-38 May at Severomorsk-1 Base
Marshall Nedelin Class Missile Range Instrument Ship
Russian Railroad Gun
Coca-Cola plant
Mayak nuclear plant
Sunken ship near Sayda Guba
Russian Bear Lake Radio Telescope
Tu-22 Backfires at Chkalovsk/Lyublino-Novoye Airbase
3 bigs Tu-22M BACKFIRE at Irkutskaya - Belaya Air Force Base (UIIB)
Andreyeva Guba
Wreckage of the Russian submarine K-141 Kursk
M. M. Gromov Flight Research Institute (Zhukovsky - Ramenskoe Air Base)
Two Zubr class hovercrafts
Tsaplya class LCAC (Project 1206.1, Murena) Hovercraft
29 Airplane cargo IL-76 at Smolensk - Severnyy Air Force Base (UUBS)
Mount Elbrus
Russian Kirov class heavy missile cruiser
Residence of the president of Russia
Krasnoyarsk-26 / Zheleznogorsk - Mining and Chemical Combine
Ognenny Ostrov (prison)
Closed city of Sverdlovsk-45 / Lesnoy
Russian Typhoon class nuclear ballistic missile submarine
Butirka prison in Moscow
Gremikha naval base
Plesetsk Cosmodrome / ICBM Launching Facility
20 Tupolev Tu-22M Backfire at Soltsy Air Force Base (ULLL)
Barge entering lock on Moscow - Volga Canal
Closed city of Krasnoyarsk-45 / Zelenogorsk
Kostamus mine
State Hermitage Museum