The Osum river from the south joins the Devoll from the east/north and together they form the Seman which empties into the Adriatic Sea.
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By: AKpilotEMT
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AKpilotEMT picture
@ 2006-06-30 09:44:32
Updated image is worse than old one.
kjfitz picture
@ 2006-06-30 09:55:58
Feel free to submit a new one.
kjfitz picture
@ 2006-06-30 18:17:34
Sorry, I didn't mean the old one. I see what you mean now. The new imagery is worse than the old. I agree. A couple of places, especially islands are completely gone.
AKpilotEMT picture
@ 2006-06-30 23:48:21
Might as well keep the old one.