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@ 2005-09-23 06:03:28
This is the 114 fighter wing base. It's the home base for all the Greek Air Force Mirage 2000. Till rescently (1-2 years ago) was also the home base for G.A.F. Mirage F1G aircrafts but they are now out of service. The aircrafts you see are not flying anymore. They are stored there till they are transformed to scrap metal. From what i see (left side to right side) there is an HU-16B Albatros, 2 Lockheed T-33 (it was used as trainning aircraft) and all the rest are F-104G except the 2 triangle wing brown coloured aircrafts which are F-102. You can also find an silver F-104G which decorate the North gate of the airport at Latitude 38.3397, Longitude 23.57.67 :)
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@ 2005-09-23 06:06:36
Forgive my mistake on the longitude, i ment to type Latitude 38.3397 Longitude 23.5767