Airliner under some kind of rig at Narita International Airport, possibly for maintnance?
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By: Hinkkanen


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kjfitz picture
@ 2006-03-18 15:22:58
I think there's a 747 in it. That purple building and the rack next to it to the SW look interesting too.
romulusnr picture
@ 2006-04-10 18:20:45
Quite likely this is the Japan Turbine Technolgies (a joint Japan Air and Pratt&Whitney venture) repair facility in Narita.
romulusnr picture
@ 2006-04-11 13:54:42
Hmm, JTT actually appears to be here.,140.394287&sspn=0.717473,0.953064&q=jtt&near=&ll=35.823555,140.404415&spn=0.022409,0.029783