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@ 2006-07-06 17:03:49
Interesting story and picture here:
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@ 2007-02-13 14:57:34
The plane from the link doesn't look right. the one in the like is twin prop, yet I can't see the engine pods on the GM image
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@ 2010-12-17 08:32:48
thats a drug plane that crashed while trying to land on normans cay
normans cay was actually carlos' lehders private island at one point he used to smuggle cocaine from colombia to there then into miami and elsewhere around florida.
blow was based on george jung and carlos' lehder (johnny depp' cellmate in the movie although he goes by a different name in the film)
anywho the scene where he gets the crap kicked out of him is supposed to be normans cay
carlos lehder' house is still visible (round with a chimney stack in the middle) nicknamed the volcano house
they would have wild parties on the island and the bar where they would host them is rumored to have donald trumps name written on the have to understand that the colombian cartels in these days had more money than god, cargo planes full of cash so donald actually may have partied there !
apparently if you were a guest you would be greeted by a group of topless women in a topless jeep