Sounding rocket launch site. Andoya Rocket Range (ARR) is the world's northernmost permanent launch facility for sounding rockets and scientific balloons and is responsible for all scientific-related balloon and rocket operations in Norwegian territory. ARR provides complete services for launch, operations, data acquisition, recovery and ground instrumentation support. The range has conducted more than 650 rocket launches and hosted scientists and engineers from more than 70 institutes and universities.

ARR is located far north of the Arctic Circle. This high latitude location provides favourable conditions for studying various atmosphere and ionosphere phenomena using rockets, balloons, aircraft, and ground-based instruments.

Located six kilometres from airport, harbour and town facilities, the range complex offers:

* launch capability for rocket configurations up to 20 metric tons
* wide-band mobile and stationary telemetry stations, with slantrange system for tracking purposes
* extensive network of groundbased instruments, including ALOMAR
* range-hotel with 32 singlerooms, guest kitchen and relax-facilities
* a large impact area, permitting a variety of launch directions and rocket configurations without the need for guidance systems.
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