A third of Britain's strategic nuclear deterrent, 'the V-Force' of the Fifties and Sixties, the Vulcan was the world's first delta winged bomber when it first flew in 1952. Carrying an internal warload of 21,000lbs, the nuclear role was enhanced with the carriage of the Blue Steel air-launched missile from 1963 until 1967. Due for retirement in 1982 the Falkland's War was an operational swan song for the Vulcan. Deployed in the suppression of enemy air defences role, XM597 is one of only two Vulcans to be used in anger, the other, XM607 dropped bombs on Port Stanley Airfield. XM597 made the headlines when, due to a fractured in-flight refuelling probe, the Vulcan diverted to Rio de Janeiro. After seven days internment the aircraft and crew were released. On the nose can be seen two mission markings and a Brazilian flag commemorating her unscheduled stopover. XM597 flew into East Fortune in 1984.
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