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voldude123 picture
@ 2006-09-20 13:35:58
what about those hangers to the north east along the same taxiway? there are also quite a few underground bunkers to the north. they look to small to fit a b-2 but, hey its possible
dda picture
@ 2007-06-24 08:59:27
Still outside with other pict.
Carlsarg picture
@ 2007-08-24 17:48:38
Hey you guys, what have you been smoking? There are no underground bunkers on Guam at Andersen AFB. Besides that you don't put aircraft in bunkers. As for the B-2: Why would you keep it out of the weather when it must fly in the weather.
kjfitz picture
@ 2007-08-24 18:12:45
B-2 bombers have Low Observable — or stealth — coatings. They degrade when exposed to weather. Most places they are deployed have B-2 Shelter Systems (B2SS)
kjfitz picture
@ 2007-08-24 18:16:27
By bunkers I think volude123 was referring to these weapons storage "igloos" which are earth covered similar to bunkers.,144.936179&spn=0.007394,0.010042&z=17