The Baths of Agrippa (Thermae Agrippae) in ancient Rome, built by Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, were the first of the great thermae constructed in Rome. In their first form, constructed at the same time as the Pantheon and on axis with it, as a balaneion, they were apparently a hot-air bath with a cold plunge, not unlike a sauna. With the completion of the Aqua Virgo, the aqueduct completed by Agrippa in 19 BC, the baths were supplied with water and became regular thermae, with a large ornamental pool (Stagnum Agrippae) attached. Agrippa furnished his baths with decorations that may have been executed in glazed tiles and with works of art: the Apoxyomenos of Lysippus stood outside. He left the baths to the citizens of Rome at his death, 12 BC.
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