Studebaker developed the 840 acres (3.4 kmĀ²) of land in 1926 as the first ever controlled automotive testing grounds for their product lines, beating Packard, Studebaker's future business partner, by one year. Studebaker heavily promoted the grounds as a "Million Dollar Outdoor Testing Laboratory" in advertisements. The test track that ran through the grounds simulated a variety of terrains and road conditions. Studebaker landscaped the park by keeping natural features; in 1937 the company planted more than 5,000 pine trees in a pattern that when viewed from a plane spelled STUDEBAKER.

Following the collapse of Studebaker's U.S. production facilities the land was acquired by Bendix Corporation which used the grounds for Corporate purposes.
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Looks like it's now owned by Bosch.,+-86.490000&ie=UTF8&t=k&om=1&hl=en&geocode=FXDVewIdcETY-g&split=0&ll=41.671726,-86.489139&spn=0.01465,0.027637&z=15&layer=c&cbll=41.671726,-86.489021&panoid=qs0norbwyw4pdiIcPu1AhA&cbp=12,156.21333806721302,,0,-1.7080745341614927