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@ 2012-01-20 21:43:25
There's no proof of this.
In 2001, the property was sold by Dutch corporation Maarev NV for $1,155,500 to Mario Cytrynbaum, CEO of Menocan Investments. In 2005, Cytrynbaum sold the property to Miami real estate broker Carlos Justo for $6,850,000. In 2007 when the real estate bubble burst and Justo's finances dropped from being worth $20M to being in debt $12M, Justo sold to real estate investor Marc Feder, purchased through Island Capital LLC, for $7,100,000. Feder then sold the property to dutch businessman Geert-Jan Bakker, the owner of Bakker Magnetics through the Marion Gulden Irrevocable Trust, of which, Bakker is trustee.

The title of this map certainly needs to be corrected.