Bismarck Towers are a unique German monument genre, to honor the ex-chancellor Otto von Bismarck. Approximately 250 of these towers were built between the years 1869 and 1934, in various styles, on four continents (Australia, South America, Africa and Europe), of which about 175 remain. Architects of these towers include Wilhelm Kreis and Bruno Schmitz.

The twenty-metre high Bismarck tower stands one kilometre south-west of the exhibition halls. It was built on the Gaehkopf, the highest point in northern Stuttgart, giving good views of Stuttgart itself and in all directions. It was one of many towers built to commemorate Otto von Bismarck. The building of over 410 Bismarck towers world-wide was planned, and 238 were actually built. The building of the tower was begun in 1902 by the students of the technical university in Stuttgart. The Stuttgart Bismarck tower was opened on 16 July 1904. In 2004, for its 100th anniversary, it was comprehensively renovated.
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