Brovold settlement in Als was build in mid 1100-century, immediately south of the only ford across the fjord system Augustenborg Fjord Stavnsbøl Fjord and Miang Dam. The settlement was protected by a 250 m long mound with an anterior moat.

The settlement has probably only be occupied during the summer months, when the place has functioned as a commercial center. Leader of The Museum at Sønderborg Castle Jens Raben performed in 1931-33 on the spot, just place in 1971-72 were studied. There were traces of temporary buildings on approx. 3 x 4 meters and a very large number of animal bones, which could indicate that the site has been mostly used as a slaughter place and trading center with meat.

The place had only short-lived and probably been killed as Sønderborg Castle was built and became more significant.
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