Camp No (also known as Camp Seven) is an alleged secret detention and interrogation facility in the United States detainment camps located in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. On January 18, 2010, an article by Scott Horton in Harper's magazine asserted that the Guantanamo Bay detention camps included an additional camp, Camp No. The camp was nicknamed "Camp No" by a couple of Guantanamo's guards because if any one asked about it, they were told "No, it doesn't exist". Horton speculates that the camp was used for secret interrogations, including the use of illegal interrogation techniques, like asphyxiation. Horton asserts that according to interviews he conducted with former camp guards the three detainees the military reported committed suicide by hanging themselves in their cells, actually died while at Camp No for secret interrogations.

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Recent reports indicate that this is Penny Lane. It was here that the CIA trained post-9/11 prisoners to become double agents who were sent back to their homelands to kill terrorists.