The original Aldovea Castle had to be built at the end of the 11th century or at the beginning of the 12th century in time of the Reconquest of Spain, as a fortress on the banks of the Henares river. The fortification was already in a state of ruin when the Duke of Tovar, owner of the place since the end of the 16th century, started construction of the current castle-palace.
Also it belonged to the Archdiocese of Toledo. In 1802, with Godoy’s Sale of Church Lands, pass it to belong to the Crown, and in 1869 it was put up for auction.

The castle-palace is square shaped with strong walls, guarded by a cube in each of its four corners.
It was kept in good condition, but there are no apparent remnants of the previous building.
It can be rented for wedding celebrations.
Free tour to the outside.
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