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@ 2008-09-28 15:05:46
This censored image is what is now gabreski airbase or airport,it is home to the 106 aerospace search and recovery wing,made famous when their rescue helo went down in the "perfect storm"as they were involved in rescue operations.they also are on full alert and runway alert when the space shuttle is launched being one of the lead rescue teams in case of a aborted launch.the site the base sits on was part of suffolk county AFB part of the air defense command and SAC till the early 1970's it housed the 6 ADC BOMARC missle wing a ground to air nuclear missile,the warhead was a dial a range 6-10 kt fission type weapon also the USAF had the 552 interceptor wing based there during the 1960s flying f-102 delta darts from hangar alert during the cold war,the base still has the concrete doorless alert hangars in are hard to come by due to the various covert operations and research agencies that are in this area,ie grumman naval weapons,plum island,brookhaven national lab,and during the cold war usar Nike 25 -9 miles west,and the montauk air station -SAC radar site