"The "Barracks" as it is fondly known, opened its doors in 1870, complete with stables. The barracks was completed on August 20, 1870 at a cost of more than $28,000.

By 1895, the department boasted two patrol wagons - one open and one closed, a one-horse drawn ambulance, a two-horse drawn ambulance, 32 horses, and a number of bicycles. The department modernized in 1921 with the addition of 11 automobiles. it took approximately 25 years to entirely replace the horse with the gasoline engine.

Construction was completed on the city jail, or station house, on October 7, 1937. The total expense for construction of the jail and renovations to the barracks was approximately $100,000. The jail was closed in 1977 and all city prisoners were tranferred to the County facility, then located at Montgomery Street and Oglethorpe Avenue.

Today, the exterior of the building facing Ogelthorpe stands true to its original form, while an addition was erected to the back of the building.

Outside of the Barracks, the two most photographed police cars in the City! Historic Savannah Police and Chatham County car stand the test of time as guardians of our heritage."
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