The Comana Monastery, located in Comana Commune of Giurgiu County, was founded by Vlad Tepes in 1461, as a monastery-fortress, but fell into ruin before the end of the 16th century. The place that the monastery was raised on used to be an island, in the middle of swamps, and access was a gate to the North of the precincts, after crossing a wooden bridge, easy to burn in case of danger. The Câlnistea River that flows in the Eastern part of the Comana village, meets the Comana swamp that it crosses and from which it separates in front of the monastery. In front of the Comana village, a water arm separates, surrounds the island and goes back to the old water bed.

There is a memorial plaque at the entry to the monastery.

The other possible gravesite of Vlad Tepes (Dracula) is here. The other is Snagov Monastery.
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