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TexasAndroid picture
@ 2007-03-05 11:26:40
Very Cool!!

With the contrail behind, and the normal movement ghosting artifact above, this is definitely in motion, not just sitting on the ground. Very, very cool.
TexasAndroid picture
@ 2007-03-05 11:30:22
Looking at Google Sightseeing, they comment that it's actually a plane with black wings that blend in with the trees. And a closer look shows that to be true. Oh, well. Still looks cool.
jbottero picture
@ 2007-03-05 11:44:51
I think it's a MD-90. See my pic that I've uploaded.
Anonymous picture
@ 2007-03-05 13:06:05
Yep, it is a commerical airliner - MD80 or 90. Two contrails = two engines. Cruise missle only has one.
Rene73 picture
@ 2009-01-20 05:21:30
Bombardier Canadair Regional Jet CRJ-700 (Series 701), America West Express