Deano’s chopped barbecue comes generously sauced from the kitchen. It is very moist, vinegary, slightly sweet, hot (but not too much so) and is pound-the-table good. Deano’s coarse-chopped barbecue (my favorite) is sauced while cooking but not additionally in the kitchen. It tastes like moist ham. Good outside brown meat is mixed in with the regular chopped and coarse chopped meat. The slightly brown pieces of meat keep the barbecue from having a gray appearance, as is the case with so many barbecue places. In addition, they give each bite that pungent smoky taste that makes the flavor explode in your mouth. Deano’s sliced barbecue is the white part of the shoulder. It is moist, tender and melts in your mouth. When it holds hands with the sauce, they dance!
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By: Parabellum
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