Note - with Bing's failed "upgrade" of their map interface in late 2010, you will need to adjust the heading on this scene to face south.

Excerpt from the Las Vegas Sun:
"Las Vegas' 'most dangerous building' headed for demolition
By Dan Kulin
Once, the building was filled with doctors' and dentists' offices.

Today, though, Alpine Court is a haven for the homeless, one in which nearly every inch is covered by broken glass, trash, dozens of shopping carts and the occasional mattress.

Few doors remain. Graffiti covers the walls and many windows are boarded up with plywood. "Enter at your own risk" warnings are scribbled on the walls, and "go back sleeping" is scrawled on the steps of a concrete staircase.

At 4820 Alpine Place, the two-story complex is a stone's throw from the busy intersection of Decatur and Charleston boulevards, and a short walk from Arizona Charlie's. On two sides, the complex brushes against a nice apartment complex, where residents pay up to $1,100 a month for three bedrooms."
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By: milwhcky


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jbottero picture
@ 2007-07-03 00:37:50
If you rotate the bird's eye pic, you can see the building before they started to hack into it...
milwhcky picture
@ 2007-07-03 15:01:29
Seeing the address (4820) painted on the roof in the older view is how I was able to learn the story behind the demolition.