Area 200 / Trench 94.

The burial ground contains 138 trenches running north and south. Sixty one of the trenches are 370 meters (960 feet) long, thirty one of the trenches are 293 meters long, and the remaining trenches vary. Trench 94 contains defueled US Navy submarine reactor compartments. The burial ground is marked and radiologically posted.

Waste Description: Trench 94 is oriented in an east-west direction. The reactor compartments are composed of various types of steel and approximately 392 tons of lead shielding.

Hull sections containing defueled reactor compartments of decommissioned nuclear-powered submarines are put in disposal trenches. In 1986, the Patrick Henry's hull section was the first one placed in Trench 94.

Once full, the trench will be filled with dirt and buried. The compartments are expected to retain their integrity for more than 600 years.

Use of the thick steel submarine hull as a disposal provides extra isolation between the environment and the low-level waste and hazardous lead that remain after the spent nuclear fuel has been removed.
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@ 2010-08-20 23:39:21
The listing doesn't explicitly say it, but this is on the Hanford Reservation near Pasco WA. The subs are disassembled at Bremerton and the reactor compartments are transported by barge up the Columbia River for disposal here.